Monday, December 1, 2008


I just found out that the doctors pinched Brian's arm and he moved so that tells us that he DEFINITELY felt it and his brain is functioning well in order for him to acknowledge that something was not feeling right to him! HA. I'm surprised he didn't wake up throwing fists everywhere!!! Wouldn't that have been a sight?! HAHA. So this is definitely good news and since this happened, the doctors decided to not give him anymore drugs and to start letting him wake up! YAY!! I also just got off the phone with Ashley (his fiance) and she said that his pressure on his brain has gone WAY WAY down...that it's down to 10% and that is AMAZING! They said when he came in, it was over 30%. Everyday seems to be getting better and better and I thank God so much for that and pray that he's going to wake up and be just fine!!! I knew Brian would be strong and keep fighting for us! I know that all of the prayers have worked wonders in itself and I know Brian and his family are extremely thankful for all of them! Please continue to pray as Brian slowly wakes up from this rollercoaster of a week and pray for the BEST! It's all up to Brian to continue being strong and finish the fight. They won't know if there is any brain damage until he completely wakes up, so continue praying HARD!!! Ashley is taking Levi to the doctor on Wednesday for an appointment and she's going to check with his doctor to see if it'd be okay for Levi to fly so they can get to Brian! Please pray for a good response so that when Brian is awake and alert, he'll get to meet his son soon!!! Brian will be in Germany for a good while after he wakes up because he can't fly or anything for a while because of the pressure and it'll be a while before he's back into the States, but as long as he's getting better, THAT IS FINE!! I just know it'd make him feel 110% better if he got to meet his baby and hold him for the first time!!! I will keep everyone updated as I keep learning new things!!!

Thank you Jesus for the great news! Our God really is an awesome God, isn't He?!?

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