Wednesday, October 22, 2008

29 Week Prenatal Visit!

We had a doctor's appointment today and it was by far the most tortured one so far! HA. The doctor suggested I have a flu shot since I'll be pregnant most of flu season, so they went ahead and gave me the shot. Then it was time to test for gestational diabetes! I had to down this nasty drink and then sit for an hour...and then be poked again and have blood drawn to test for the diabetes! The nurse said that "No news is good news!" and said that if the test results came back abnormal, they'll call me by this coming Monday. Otherwise, they'll just see me at my next appointment! So we are hoping and praying that the results come back great. If the test comes back abnormal, I'll have to go in for a THREE HOUR test where I have to drink those nasty drinks and have to have blood drawn FOUR TIMES! Please pray that everything comes back normal! Dr. Ratcliff says everything is still going great and that I'm doing really great with my weight! I gained 4 pounds in the past four weeks, which means I have gained a total of 12 during the whole pregnancy so far. He said that is wonderful! We will now start seeing the doctor every two weeks until I am 36 weeks and then we will start weekly visits until he gets here!

I can't wait to meet Garrett!! He certainly seems like a little hyper baby in my belly. He is constantly kicking and punching his Mommy! It's the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life. And he is ALREADY a Daddy's boy. The other day, Garrett wasn't moving around very much and I was getting sort of worried about him..Brandon came over and was talking to Garrett and kissing my belly and Garrett woke up and started going crazy hearing his Daddy talk. It was so sweet!! Now that that has happened, Brandon must talk to him everyday and kiss him and it never fails..Garrett starts going crazy when Daddy talks to him! I know that makes Brandon feel so excited because it makes me so happy!!!

We will post after our next appointment on November 5th!