Monday, December 15, 2008

Brian is Back in the States!!!

Brian was transferred to Brooke Army Medical Center North yesterday! It's in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Therefore, he is only about 400 miles from his home town!! YAY! I'm so stoked. I can't wait to have Garrett and go see Brian a few weeks after Garrett is born. I know he'll be excited to see his new "nephew" who is so close in age with Levi. Brian is doing well..he's walking, talking more and more, eating, and drinking now!! They are estimating that Brian will be at BAMC for about a year for rehabilitation. I will soon have an address for everyone so they can send Brian letters, pictures, or whatever you want to him...That way we can keep him busy!! We also want to try to get his room decked out in LSU stuff so feel free to send him that sort of stuff too! As soon as I get his mailing address, I'll post it on here for you to start writing him! So check back for the address.

Thanks to First Baptist Church of Haughton, Ashley and Levi will be able to fly to BAMC on Christmas Morning so that Levi can finally meet his Daddy!! I know that'll be the BEST Christmas present that Brian has ever received! Thank you for all of your prayers and please continue to pray for him as he goes through rehab!!

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