Monday, September 22, 2008

25 Week Prenatal Appointment!

We went to the doctor today and the doctor says everything looks great still! I have gained three more pounds since my last visit! So that means I have gained six pounds total during pregnancy so far. We were ecstatic to be getting an Ultrasound today so we could see our little man, but was very disappointed when Garrett wouldn't wake up and move around and Dr. Ratcliff wouldn't even really try so we didn't get to see much other than his head circumfrence and his femur bone and we also learned that he was in Breech Position. Dr. Ratcliff said it is still possible for him to turn back around while he's still smaller, but if he didn't do it soon, he'd probably stay that way! We didn't get to see his little profile, see how much he weighed, or ANYTHING!! Mommy, Daddy, MeMe, and Great MeMaw were all disappointed with the Ultrasound! The doctor even questioned us about the 2D/4D Ultrasound and about him being a boy because he said you certainly couldn't tell it was a BOY on that day because his legs were shut tight and everything. There is NO DOUBT in our minds that this is a little boy though and I think it's VERY OBVIOUS from the Ultrasound Pictures that he is a little boy indeed!!!

I am SO excited to also announce that my bestest friend from El Dorado, Jana, who I worked with at Dr. Smart's office gave birth to her BEAUTIFUL little girl today!! They named her Jada Jewell and she is just precious!!! Jana and I had the best time sharing pregnancy moments and stuff together..until I had to leave her and move back home! But we still keep in touch via text messages and MySpace!!!

We go back to the doctor on October 22nd, and that will be the last monthly appointment and I'll start going every two weeks and shortly after that each week!! I can't believe how fast and well this pregnancy has been going!