Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I haven't been on in a couple days because once again, tragedy has struck close to home AGAIN. On Monday night at around 11:15 pm, Justin Ward, a very best friend to my brother, fell down three stories off the side of the escalator at the ElDorado Casino. He had horrible brain damage and was bleeding out of his kidneys. At around 1 pm yesterday, they pronounced him dead. I've NEVER in my life heard my brother so upset before. I couldn't even hardly understand what he was saying on the phone. I was just over at Jeffrey, Ashton, and Katy's house Saturday hanging out with them and Justin. You just don't think that in a couple days..something like that was going to happen!! I'm glad I got to spend some time with him shortly before his death and got to laugh about him and Jeffrey making bets and arguing about football!! R.I.P. Justin Ward! You'll be greatly missed!!!

Updates on Brian - He is doing so well!! He's completely off of the ventilator and is starting to say more and more!! He doesn't even have an I.V. in his hand anymore!! He's just taking care of himself! YOU GO BOY! He's lifting his head up off of the pillow and moving around in the bed all by himself. Sharon and Doug had to leave their sons side and said that was the hardest thing they had to do, but knowing that he's doing much better now has to be some sort of relief to them that things will work out just fine!!! In just a couple weeks, we'll be having Ashley and Levi over there to meet Daddy for the first time. I'm so stoked and amazed at all the help we've already been given!! First Baptist Church in Haughton has raised $1500 towards the trip already! We are so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives and in our community. We are about halfway there now. Haughton High School and Middle School may be having a "Jeans Day" where if they bring $1, they can wear blue jeans instead of school uniform! Who wouldn't want to do that?!?! I know I always took advantage of days like these when I was in school. And each $1 would go towards Brian's trip! Haughton schools have THOUSANDS of students and we'd do great if lots of people participated. Thank you for your continued prayers...keep praying!!

Pray for the Adams and Ward Families each and every day!!!

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