Saturday, December 18, 2010

Like a kid in the candy store...

I'll tell you one thing that I love about living in the country - We can ride our four-wheelers up and down the road and nobody gives a mess. We also live on our hunting lease so Brandon doesn't ever have to leave me for a weekend or week like he used to when we lived in Arkansas and Shreveport so that he could come hunting. We have a lot of land on that we can ride four-wheelers on. Garrett was put on a four-wheeler just as early as I was (except I was put on a three-wheeler) around six months or earlier. That boy LOVES to ride! Especially a four-wheeler. If we let him out of the back door, he runs straight to the four-wheeler. He throws a fit when his Daddy turns the four-wheeler off and brings him inside. When we ride, Garrett is grinning the entire time and will sometimes let out a sound of excitement. He thinks he's a big boy and doesn't want us holding our hands on his chest or anything to give him support.. he wants to sit up there like a big boy. He'd ride ALL DAY LONG if we would let him. We even got him his own battery powered four-wheeler for him in the house, but since he's been old enough to realize.. that battery one just ain't enough power for that baby.. He wants on the BIG one and he wants to go FAST! He has learned to push the button on the battery one though and will ride it a tad, but not near as much as he likes to ride the REAL DEAL. Brandon is 6'4" and our son is already over 35" tall himself. Riding the four-wheeler has been pretty crammed for a while now... when Brandon turns the handles to turn, it sometimes hit Garrett's little legs. For the past few months, Brandon has ONLY been talking about how much he'd LOVE a Ranger for us to all ride together with comfort! Every single conversation would somehow get turned into him wanting a Ranger. We stopped at a ATV place in Haughton and he drove one and I KNEW from that point on, he wouldn't be quiet about it until he got one! He smiled forever after test driving one. Unfortunately, it would be like $450 a month for it for 5 years and that just wasn't something we could do right now. And it killed me to know he wouldn't get one anytime soon. One of our best friends, Jimmy, had barely used his and moved into the town of Haughton and can't use it there so to free up some money, he called me on the afternoon that Popaw had passed away and asked if Brandon was still interested in getting a ranger... and I was like "OH YES!" so we started talking and seeing about loans and everything - it's the best deal we would have EVER gotten on a Ranger and I can't thank Jimmy enough for giving us first dibs on it because he knew how bad Brandon wanted one. We signed the papers for the loan on Friday and I was talking to Jimmy about how I could possibly get him to bring it up here to surprise Brandon. But Jimmy and Brandon work almost the same exact hours so he couldn't bring it during the week while Brandon was working. Brandon KNEW we were getting the ranger, but I wanted to surprise him with it sooner than he was thinking. So I tricked Brandon and told him that Jimmy couldn't bring last night because he had a Christmas party to go to with his girlfriend, LeAnne, and he was like "Awe man..." and I told him that Jimmy had said he could POSSIBLY bring it on Saturday and would let me know. Brandon came home from work and was laying on the couch watching TV and LeAnne was sending me updates about where they were and stuff. She sent me a text to say they were pulling in and when I heard the car doors shut, I said "Baby.. I think somebody is here.. I'm scared" (I always get scared - so it's a good reason for him to open the door) and he said "Who in the world would be coming here this time of night!??!" and I said "Uhh.. It's ONLY 6:20!" HAHA.. So the doorbell rings and Brandon turns on our porch light and is staring through the glass and through the center of my wreath and he said "Is that Jimmy??" and I said "Well open the dang door.. you're making him freeze!" so they hug and Brandon just looked sort of puzzled (but later revealed that he was just in so much shock that Jimmy was at the front door because once he saw him, he just KNEW that he'd brought him the ranger) I said "Jimmy came bearing you a large gift" and he said "REALLY?!! LETS GO!" it was really really cold and Brandon was only wearing a cotton t-shirt and LSU shorts.. no socks, no shoes, but he didn't want to wait.. he was headed out to see his new toy. I have never ever, never ever seen my husband so excited about something. It felt so good for him to get something that he's really wanted, but mostly something that he's really DESERVED. Him and Jimmy took it for a spin and then after Jimmy and LeAnne left, he rode it at least three more times (once including Garrett and me). Since it was pitch black, I didn't get but one picture of Garrett and his Daddy getting ready for our COLD family ride with my cell phone:

Brandon does so much for Garrett and I so I really wanted and needed him to have it! I get to stay at home and raise our son and take care of everything around here instead of working my life away while someone else takes care of our baby and raises him basically. I can't ever repay how thankful I am for that. Times have been hard for us, but the great thing about his new job is that he can work overtime anytime he needs it and gets paid much better anyways! So if he ever needs extra, he will work extra to make whatever we need. And he's such an amazing Daddy and husband!! I'm so happy that he's so excited about something!! I'm also excited about it!! It's fun riding with my boys!

Ready to ride!

Driving Daddy! One of my favorite pictures! Father and Son bonding time! :)

Smiling BIG while riding!

Another one of my favorites for today! He wanted to drive HIMSELF!!! He was so excited.

Now for some fun things that Brandon has said since he got the ranger last night:
  • "My face hurts from smiling so much!"
  • "It is so much more than what I was expecting - I am so in love with it!"
  • "It's beautiful!!!"
  • "I have never in my life been so excited about a present."
  • "I'm ready to go to sleep so I can wake up and it'll be daylight so I can ride my ranger."
  • "I can't wait for me, you, and Garrett to go on the Ranger and ride all day!"
  • "I'll probably hunt out of the ranger cause I like sitting in it."
  • "Would you like for me to back it out of the shed so you can take a picture of it?" (it was pitch black outside)
  • "I really don't think I've ever been this excited in my whole life... not even on our wedding day!" Thanks honey!!! He did tell me that he was just picking afterwards, but it was funny (I really think he was more excited about the ranger than he was on our wedding day though!) HA.
  • When I asked him where he was going to park it, he said "Where that aluminum boat is" and I said "You'd better move that boat soon though so the spot will be ready" and he said "I will move the boat - WITH MY RANGER!"
  • "The 'new feeling' will not wear off for at LEAST two years or more"
  • When I finally told him he needed to put it up for the night and come inside, he laid his head on the back of it, as if he were hugging it! No lie!
  • This morning when I got up he said "I was like a kid on Christmas morning.. I had to MAKE myself stay in bed until the sun came up so I could get up and get on the ranger! I was up before 7 and was disappointed it was still too early!"
  • I made my mother-in-law a wreath and Brandon said "Let's take it to her on the ranger!" LOL - so I was loading up and he said "You are getting glitter all in my ranger!!!!" and I said "Well, as much as you ride it.. the glitter will blow out!!!"
You get the gist of it... He's beyond stoked and delighted! And obsessed! And I'm so happy!!! I just hope after SOME begging at times, he'll come inside and spend some time with us! HAHA. So happy he finally got his ranger!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

If you were wonderin' why you didn't get a Christmas Card...

I'm a FAITHFUL Christmas Card sender - and I send personalized ones now that we have a beautiful son to put on there AND because I've learned to design my own cards!!! And I LOVE doing it. It makes me feel like I'm an awesome wife and mom to be able to do such things!!! Hey, I'm starting to think that maybe I really AM crafty - cakes, invitations, photos (not so great yet), Christmas cards, wreaths, crocheting (learning and interested, anyways) - and I'm open to doing more stuff! It's been my zen.. keeping me sort-of-sane! Unfortunately, this year I didn't send out Christmas Cards... I PROMISE I was going to.. I ordered envelopes, I designed my card, I had them printed, picked them up, and then....realized I wasn't going to be able to send them. You'll notice why.

I guess I'd opened my mouth too soon about having another baby. I guess because everything went so well with Garrett, I thought it would be the same with the next pregnancy. Well, I'll tell ya... I learned my lesson and NOBODY will know next time until I make sure that everything is going to be okay. I'd ordered an ornament for our tree and everything. I will put the ornament and one of the 50 cards I paid to have printed in a keepsake container. It has driven me crazy that I didn't get more done, but honestly...I haven't been emotionally or physically able to take that part of the card off and go to Sams Club to have them printed again. But I wanted you to see the card that I DID make to send because I loved it.

While we are on that subject - at the same time I had the Christmas cards printed, I'd already designed Garrett's 2nd Birthday Party invitation too! Since they are so close together and I get my stuff printed at Sams since it's so much cheaper - I have done them at the same time for the past two years. I'm a big planner, I can't stand to wait until last minute for anything!!! And while I am so sad that my baby is already turning a big TWO I still LOVE to plan his party and of course design his own birthday invitation!!! I'm probably gonna be mad for spoiling the surprise for those who will get this invite, but I couldn't wait to share it. PLUS, I was a tad disappointed when I got the prints because they looked darker than it did on my computer screen - so it looks better on here anyways!!! We decided to do a Finding Nemo theme this year because that has been the "movie of the year" and Garrett absolutely LOVES that movie!! I've already got everything I need for the party - and can't wait to do his cake again. Here is his birthday invite (note the Disney font at the top - then the Nemo font! I was so stoked)

Today has been a better day for me - best day of the month, I'd have to say. I had four friends come to visit...and most friends live at least 45 minutes away and NEVER can come out here to see me. So having four in one day felt amazing and I finally had my friends here to talk to and catch up and it felt great. Not to mention one friend brought along a Polaris Ranger that my husband has been SO BADLY wanting - and deserving. He was seriously so happy, I don't know if he's EVER been that happy before in his life..not even on our wedding day! HAHA.. But there will be a story about that to come. It was after dark when we got it here. That didn't keep Brandon from hopping on and riding until he was so cold he HAD to come inside.. but I plan on taking some pictures tomorrow!!! Love you all!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

150 Random Facts About Me

After all that has been going on, I've been staying busy - making wreaths, organizing Garrett's 2nd Birthday Party, trying to find some time-consuming fun hobbies to do, spending a lot of time with Garrett, and so on... To keep my mind going and off of things, a few days ago I decided I'd make a list of 150 Random things about myself.. I thought at first that'd be simple to do, but it REALLY was hard!!! But then I got it finished faster than I thought I would after realizing how hard it was! Without further ado, here are 150 random facts... ENJOY!

1 I get annoyed when the "A" in my middle name isn't capitalized. It's DeAnn not Deann
2 Miscarriage/Ectopic Pregnancy is a really hard thing to go through. Losing a tube makes it double as hard.
3 One of my all time favorite movies is Son-in-Law. I know people think I'm dumb for that.
4 I've never ever had another love like I have for Garrett.
5 I can't stand chewing noises, jaw popping, smacking, etc. Makes me want to punch people in the face!
6 I was a real meany in high school. Like - real real mean.
7 I don't really have a favorite color, but I wear a lot of black.
8 I am a worry wart. I'm always stressing out about something.
9 I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. My parents and MeMaw and Granddaddy are some of my best friends.
10 I have 5 nieces and 1 step-niece. My brother is expecting another baby - I'd love a nephew.
11 I wish I had more self control.
12 My favorite number is 3! It's also my lucky number. I was born on the 3rd of April. My Grandparents were married on the 3rd of August 1961. I graduated in '03. I was married in the 3rd month on the 31st at 3:30.. And some other things that I shall not need to disclose here.
13 I love gerbera daises, calla lilies and tulips.
14 I want to decorate our house and redo a ton of stuff to make it feel more "homey" for us.
15 I met a friend from Vegas on Blogger when searching for a "Handy manny" cake idea earlier this year... And she has become one of my best friends. It's insane how much we are alike. I'm so thankful for her - and her precious daughter Lauren!
16 I'm extremely tenderhearted.
17 I've never been a fan of kissing. It is just sort of weird to me. By kissing, I mean "making out"
18 I've had a few pet squirrels.. All named "Pepper" and I want another.
19 I have horrible sleeping habits. I'm always thinking about stuff rather than going to sleep.
20 I love midgets.
21 I get words mixed up a lot. Example: I was in the McDonald's drive-thru and I said "I'd like a number two with fries to drink" or as I told Brandon "You can't eat and drive a taco late at night!!!"
22 My eyes are hazel with a little sunflower around my pupil. My eyeballs are really pretty in the sun.
23 I'm 5'4". Brandon is 6'4". A whole foot difference.
24 I have a real brother who is 27. A step sister who is 21. A half sister who is 15. A half brother who is 11.
25 I wear flip-flops most of the year - even like now in the winter.
26 I am addicted to Orange sodas... Like Sunkist!
27 I love my iPhone even though it messes up sometimes. I can't imagine going back to an old rinky-dink phone.
28 I want a laptop so bad! Just to sit in bed comfortably and blog or check Facebook or whatever!
29 I have horrible road rage. People don't know how to drive!!
30 I done a couple wreaths to try to keep my mind off of things while recovering from my surgery and tube removal... And now I'm addicted.
31 I don't take compliments well. But I try to - trying just doesn't usually work.
32 A lot of people say this type of thing to "fish for compliments" but since you now know I don't take compliments well... I can tell you - I never ever feel pretty. Never ever have.
33 I wish I was a millionaire. Cause it seems like I always want expensive stuff!
34 I don't really like living so far in the country but at the same time... I'm not so sure I want to move back to Haughton either though. I'm indecisive but it doesn't matter.. Brandon will never move.
35 I wish my house would be spotless and stay that way. I desire to have a super clean and organized house. I think if someone helped me get it all picked up and done, I could keep it that way.
36 Since I was in 7th grade - someone each and every year has passed away thats my age or at our school. Its continued even after high school. Random things - car accidents, drowning, shootings, sickness, cancer, etc.
37 I have these sharp pains that go through a couple of my fingers at times... My Momma has the same pains so we text each other when it's happening to see if we ever have the pains at the same time!
38 I am my Granddaddy's Princess, but Garrett and him are best buddies.. I have sorta been replaced but still hold my status as his Princess (I even have the keychain that he got me to prove it)
39 Speaking of which, I melt when I see Garrett and how excited he gets to see MeMaw and Granddaddy... And vise versa!
40 Did I mention that Garrett is named after his Great Granddaddy and MeMaw? Their last name is Garrett.
41 I used to wear a size 8.5 shoe... Now even 8's are nearly too big. Pretty sure my feet shrank when I was pregnant with Garrett.
42 I used to be a really big tomboy... When we wore uniforms in school I even made my Momma buy me the boy shorts because I hated the pleats! I'm still not really girly but I wear girl clothes now. Ha. Sometimes I like getting dressed up!
43 I am TERRIFIED of bugs... I don't care how small or if it bites or not... Keep them away from me.
44 I am also terrified of death.
45 And terrified of car accidents. When I drive down the road, for example, when a car is coming towards me.. I picture the accident happening in my head - like the car hitting me and me spinning and hitting the next car or something like that.
46 Anxiety kills me. I can't hardly sleep at night because my anxiety is so bad (not to mention me always thinking). Its been the worst since I had Garrett (so I haven't slept much in two years)
47 I really wish that Brandon was a vacationer - we never go anywhere or do anything. Ever. And probably never will. He is a homebody.
48 I don't like yellow gold. At all. Or gold anything. A lot of our house has gold accessories and I hate it. Can't wait to update the whole place.
49 My fourth toe on each foot is really fat at the top and then goes to really skinny... Just like my Granddaddy! :)
50 I have to shave my little toe hairs - please tell me I'm not the only girl that has to do that (at least I know my Momma does too)
51 I can't swim.
52 I love to cook new things. And especially love making desserts!
53 I used to be REALLY picky but I've started eating lots more - but still not a huge fan of a lot of meat... Or non-fresh veggies.
54 I have the best best friends I could ever ask for. I've been lucky but I still feel so disconnected from all of them all the time. My life is very different from most of theirs so it makes it hard.
55 I thought coming up with 150 random things about me would be a piece of cake but I am struggling now... And only am at 55! And it seems pretty boring so far so I'm happy if you are still reading.
56 I am so ready for Garrett to talk to me!!! (Don't say "When he starts talking you will wish he would shut up" because I don't feel that way and I know I won't... I've been waiting for way too long to hear him talk)
57 I love when Brandon makes me chocolate milk.. Oh and grilled cheeses.. Oh and fried eggs too.. And coffee.. Or anything! He's the best husband I could have ever had!
58 I am a stay-at-home Mommy which is 24/7/365 (sometimes 366) and it's the best job ever even though I don't have days off or vacation. I get paid in love rather than money! And I don't miss a thing Garrett may do!
59 I am really blunt. Sometimes too blunt for some people.
60 I talk and walk in my sleep! I used to sleep walk really bad but now its mostly talking.
61 I love photography and can't wait to learn more and more.
62 I can't go into a restaurant and eat alone. I don't like doing anything by myself.
63 I have two tattoos and want to at least get my children's names somewhere.
64 I'm a morning person... Night person too!
65 I've been a bride once and a bridesmaid five times so far.
66 I don't have a green thumb but I really want plants and flowers and stuff!
67 I have a million post-it's and note pads but I would love to have more. Can't have enough cute papers for reminders!
68 I am a thrifty buyer. I love good sales!
69 I am at my parents house spending the night. It's my Momma and Pops, Memaw and Granddaddy, Brandon, me, and Garrett all sleeping here tonight. I am laying here at 1:17 staring at my sleeping baby in his crib and wanting to cry. He's growing up way too fast.
70 When I dream something, it usually comes true within a few days or weeks. It's really scary at times.
71 Sometimes in the shower, I feel like I can't swallow so I'm
constantly spitting while I'm showering.
72 Before I had Garrett, I would always say "My child will NEVER eat junk food, act like that, etc" but I don't care if he wants Cheetos... He's getting cheetos!!! He's so picky.. I just want him to eat. And the attitude.. It's cute but bad. It's so hard to spank someone so dang cute!
73 When we were growing up, my brother Jeffrey and one of my best friends Jimmy (my brother from another mother) would call me "Zelda" because they said my ears were so big. But I don't know why they thought that because I found out a while back that my ears are abnormally small... iPod earphones don't even go into my ears without hurting me so bad!!! Now they just say that my head grew into my ears and now my head is big. Haha. Gotta love them.
74 I have always gotten along with boys and have more boy-friends than girlfriends.
75 I am friends with all of my exes except for one and thats not on me...I would love to get back in touch with him, but not all spouses are okay with their spouse being friends with exes. I like the fact that I can be friends with them and not have hate! All of my "serious relationship" boyfriends are married and have children and I couldn't be more happy for them all!
76 I wish there really was a fountain of youth so I didn't have to lose loved ones and we could all be happy and healthy together!
77 I would love to be an ultrasound tech IF I had to work - I love finding out the sex of a baby! And hearing heartbeats and seeing them!!
78 I thought after I had Garrett that I'd love love love another boy and was not wanting to have a girl - but after what all I've been through, I really really would love to have either one. I just want a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby!!
79 I don't like reading much. But I do love funny novels and stuff! If it captures my attention within the first couple pages.. I read it!
80 I HATE mopping the floor in the kitchen and am so thankful that my sweet husband will do it when it gets bad enough!
81 Minden Wal-Mart is my FAVORITE one... The one in Springhill SUCKS more than any of them.
82 My favorite fruit is probably kiwi but it has to be perfect ripeness! Not too ripe but not too early either!!! I like most fruit except for cantaloupes and honeydew melons!
83 Speaking of cantaloupes, once driving down the road with family, I started screaming with excitement "OH MY GOSH!!! Look at all of those cantaloupes in that field!! I had no idea cantaloupes could live here in Louisiana!!".. My husband looked at me and said "Antelopes. Not cantaloupes" - then they all laughed cause I didn't even know I'd said it wrong. I really am dumb - no playing dumb here! But it's comical to me.
84 I'm a night owl and can work off of a very short amount of sleep - thank goodness!
85 If it's not written down, I forget it.
86 My brain is like a goldfish - 3 second memory and then it's gone. I'll think of a fact, for example, and then I will scroll up to be sure I'm not double posting but as soon as I start scrolling to look, I forgot what the fact was! Gosh...
87 I wish I would have grown up in the 70's and 80's cause that music ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF!!! Or I wish Journey and all of those awesome bands were going on now rather than all these rap songs you can't understand and crap.
88 I have recently found out that I'm pretty talented in some areas. I'm pretty crafty!
89 I love to check the mail and I'm not really sure why.. it's usually only bills!!!
90 I wish I had thicker hair or knew how to style my super-thin, super-fine hair!!! It's awful and I'm never happy with it.
91 One of Brandon's best friends used to tell me that I had the PRETTIEST feet he had ever seen - I wonder if he still feels that way? Haha
92 I love to watch animated movies. Kid movies are awesome and I can't wait to take Garrett to movies!
93 I wouldn't change my job for the world but I do miss working in the dental field a lot!
94 I have my China cabinet packed with cake stuff rather than China. Sad, I know.
95 I love surprises but I hate them too.
96 My heart rate is always really really high. A lot of the time it's in the 130's but it has slowed down some.. It's been around 100 recently..
97 The first time I ever gave blood, I passed out and ever since then I haven't been able to because I get to anxious and my already high heartbeat is too high to give it!
98 I think paper-cuts hurt more than most other bo-bos!
99 I wish that Brandon could burp!!!! I know he'd feel so much better all the time if he could!
100 I probably tell Garrett at least 100 times a day that I love him and give him a minimum of 150 kisses a day... Seriously.
101 I love listening to my iPod while cleaning - it makes me clean better! I clean to the beat. I just wish the earphones didn't hurt my small ears!
102 I would almost rather always text rather than talk on the phone.
103 I am SO country, but don't really notice it until I hear myself recorded on an answering machine or video.
104 I can be crazy!
105 I used to HAVE to have socks on and my bra on when I went to bed - now I absolutely can NOT have socks on and can't wait to get my bra off!!
106 I really wish I could be motivated enough to get myself fit. I have a hard time because I get bored so quickly.
107 I can go almost the whole day and even a whole meal without taking a sip of water or anything. I barely drink fluids - I know, that's not good.
108 I love that my relationship is so open with my husband - I can't imagine holding in a burp or fart just because he's around.. Haha. My manners don't work that way.
109 I call chapstick, lipstick, and gloss "lip lip" - always have.
110 I also call my toenails my "toetails"
111 When I was in school I called my backpack my "packpack" - Yes, even as a senior.
112 I only like Pepperoni pizza with mushrooms. I don't like supreme or sausage or anything like that!
113 When I was pregnant with Garrett, I could NOT eat any meat. Yuck! Even though I mostly ate junk food, I only gained 20 pounds my whole pregnancy!
114 I LOVE LOVE LOVE wrapping presents!
115 I hate shaving. My husband is nice enough to wax my armpits!
116 I love the Pioneer Woman and am dying to be chosen for a weekend getaway to her house!!!!
117 I used to HATE watching movies but now I LOVE it.
118 I don't like fictional stuff.. Like Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.
119 It's not fun when people ask me about my pregnancy and all of that because they don't know what happened... No one will know I'm pregnant next time for many weeks just so I don't have to go through this next time.
120 I have a dirty mouth.
121 I miss having cake class! Loved having fun with my instructor and mostly one of my great friends, Angie, in class! So blessed to have met her too!!
122 The absolute BEST trip I've ever been on before was to float the Guadalupe River in 2004 with a bunch of friends. I think there was about 17 of us and only four of us were girls so it was drama free and amazing! Nothing like camping, meeting lots of people, drinking at 5am (haha), and floating the river - fantastic time!!! The long road trip was even a blast. I miss those folks!!!!
123 I bought a crochet learning kit on December 16, 2010 and am wanting to pick that up to do too! I've learned two stitches tonight - its definitely hard and I'll need some work! Ha.
124 I have VERY keen smelling - for example, if Garrett poops in his crib.. I can smell it sitting in my living room or at my computer table.
125 I want liposuction in my hips so that I don't look like an oompa loompa.
126 I know I mentioned this on a previous post, but you could have missed it - I always spell it "sandwhich" and go back and take the first "h" out that doesn't belong now that I've been corrected. I'm so used to typing it sandwhich that I can't ever think about it before I type it! HA
127 Looking back at old pictures makes me smile so big - and makes me think that I need MORE pictures!!!
128 After a conversation sometimes - I think of AWESOME comebacks and think "CRAP! That woulda been so good!" HAHA.. My brain just doesn't think fast enough.
129 My laugh is so loud and obnoxious - the type that will shut the bar up. HA. It's embarrassing but funny at the same time!
130 I always feel like I'm SO BUSY during the day and always doing something, but you can't ever tell that I did anything - the house still looks like crap! WHY WHY WHY!
131 I'm the type of person that you either love or you hate me. No in-between.
132 I've only lived in two states my entire life - Arkansas for 3 years and Louisiana the other years!
133 I've never been further West than San Antonio, Texas... I've never been further north than Tennessee... and I've been pretty much to all the lower states to the west... I've not seen much of the country, unfortunately. However, I really don't care to go up North anyways...
134 I think Matthew McConaughey is so sexy - his body, his hair, his voice, his hands, his eyes, his butt, his everything... I'd absolutely pass out if I saw him. Don't worry, my husband knows how I feel about him... He always hollers "Your man is on TV!!" when he's on.. My heart races.. MM MMM MMMM.
135 I know he's old, but I do think George Straight is sexy too .. not AS sexy as Matthew, but still!
136 I like to get on Craiglist and read the "Personals" like Missing Connections, Seeking, Rants and Raves, etc. because people CRACK ME UP!
137 And now I'm enjoying searching for other peoples random facts - the first one that I pulled up **close your eyes older people** - the man posted on one of his facts that he is 6" fully extended... I'm sorry but I would NOT be posting that if I were him. BAHAHA. Even posted that he slept with a married woman after his divorce. Wouldn't post that either, there buddy.
138 I can and do keep secrets.
139 I can lose things SO EASILY because I can't ever remember where I put them or had them last.
140 I actually love doing laundry - unless I'm BEHIND on it or it piles up a little after they come out of the dryer.. but if I stay on top of it, I love doing it!
141 I LOVE LOVE LOVE my elderly people. They make me smile!!! And anytime I see one in a store or something, I always smile at them and help any of them if they need it!!! I can't tell you how many oranges or apples I've picked up off the floor before!
142 I wish I could remember more of my childhood... My brother, Jeffrey, remembers EVERYTHING. He's always like "Do you remember when we were 1 and..." HAHA.. I'm so happy he can tell me all about it because I sure can't remember anything. Very few things, anyways.
143 I used to love roller coasters when I was younger, but can't do it now... I'm terrified. Too many accidents, too many scary stuff, and I'm not a huge fan of going fast and loopy and all that either..
144 I don't wear watches because I think they look weird on me, but lately I've been wanting a white watch for some reason. I have no idea why I want a white one.. I don't even wear white.
145 I'm a junk food junkie! I'm surprised I'm not bigger than I already am.
146 I'm a belly sleeper - LOVE LOVE LOVE to sleep on my belly - it angers me when I can't!
147 I don't wear lipstick - mostly chapstick or glosses are my lip lips.
148 I HATE sleeveless shirts or spaghetti strap shirts...
149 With my short body, tiny waist, big booty, big thighs - the ONLY jeans I fit well into are jean from The Buckle - Mostly BKE - but that sucks sometimes because they are $100+!
150 I can't believe I actually came up with 150 things - and I'm so ready to go to bed, but it's after midnight and my little man is in his crib laughing and playing!!!!

Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life at its hardest...

Needless to say, the past few weeks have been the HARDEST and most DIFFICULT weeks of my life. A week or so after my positive pregnancy test, I started having some spotting and then the day after Thanksgiving, I started having some cramping. Brandon and I went to the Emergency Room where we sat for FOUR HOURS... Once they got me back and did an exam and testings they found that my hCG level was only at 96 and it should have been MUCH higher at 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant, but sometimes levels were crazy at the beginning anyways and they needed something to compare it to. A couple days before Thanksgiving, we were told that Brandon's Popaw only had a couple days left to live so dealing with all of this in the middle of that was such a hard thing for us to do. Thanksgiving Day was also Popaw's birthday this year - he turned 76! A couple days before, he became bed ridden and slept all the time. I know he could hear us, but he didn't talk back. It did feel good to know that he was resting peacefully though. We celebrated Thanksgiving at my in-laws house and then went over to Mamaw and Popaw's to celebrate his birthday by eating cake. Mamaw made the cake and I made icing to frost it and decorate it. It was the hardest cake yet - to decorate a cake while you have a gut feeling that you are having a miscarriage and also knowing that Popaw is in the other room not responding and not even going to know that I'd decorated the cake for him. The cake that he'd told me just only a few days before that "if it ain't chocolate, he don't care for it". He went downhill so quickly and it breaks my heart still. He was looking so forward to eating Mamaw's Thanksgiving dressing, but didn't get a chance to have it that one last time. On Sunday, December 28, 2010, three days after turning 76, went to be with the Lord shortly after noon. I haven't lost a grandparent or a close family member before so it was really horrible. No, he wasn't my "blood" but he is my Grandpa-In-Law.. But he was just as much as family to me as my own Grandparents are.. He was my Popaw too. He was also our sweet neighbor and we love going over there, of course. Mamaw is always making me a little fatty because she makes so many goodies. And they always were playfully bickering and so sweet - I'm truly missing it so much already it makes me break down. I can't imagine how she feels after over 55 years of marriage (and being together for MUCH MUCH longer than that) and losing her soul mate, best friend, and husband. I miss him shouting when we walk in their front door "Aww wee - there is my sweet little man!!" to Garrett, who is his only Great Grandson and then looking to me and saying "Hey baby! How you doing?" and he'd always ask me how my Momma and my Grandparents were doing. Such a thoughtful and loving Popaw. I hate this feeling - I hate losing someone.. I don't take death very well ever and him being the first family that I was close to sucks.. and I NEVER want it to happen again. Here is the Slideshow from the Funeral. As I said, dealing with all of this at the same time has been horrible. Monday morning I called my OB-GYN office and went in to have my hCG levels tested again. They should have at LEAST doubled by then since it'd been over two days since I was at the ER. At that time it was only 132 so it'd barely went up at all. The doctor told me that she's pretty certain that I'm having a miscarriage and to prepare myself for the bleeding and clotting and everything else. I glanced at my clock when she told me the news and it was at 12:24pm.. EXACTLY 24 hours after Brandon's Mom had called us the day before to tell us that Popaw had just passed away. Exact time on the dot. She told me I'd need to come in every 48 hours to have my levels tested until they were back down to normal. And I also had ultrasounds at almost every appointment too. From the first ultrasound on Monday, they didn't find the baby or the sack so that's what definitely confirmed that I was miscarrying. I went back on early Wednesday morning before Popaw's funeral - I didn't wait for them to get the results before heading back home because I wasn't missing the funeral!!! Shortly before the funeral, I got a call and the first thing the nurse said was "This is Dr. Dean's office - can you be here in an hour?" and my heart dropped because she didn't even tell me my level result or ANYTHING else - she just said that so I was freaked out and I said "No, I can't be there in an hour.. I have my Popaw's funeral" and she put me on hold and said "Can you be here tomorrow at 10am then?" and I said "Sure, but can you PLEASE tell me what is going on?? No one has called me before now and you are scaring me" and she said "Well, Dr. Dean is afraid you are having an ectopic pregnancy and we need to see you as soon as possible". Brandon was at the church eating with the family at this time so when he got home to pick Garrett and I up to go to the funeral, I told him what they had said and he said to call them back and see if we can come after the funeral was over. So I called back and they said that they'd love to see me that day rather than waiting til the next day because ectopic pregnancies can be extremely dangerous and could even rupture and kill me (Thanks for that additional scare). So they said if we could get there around 4pm or so.. they'd see me. The funeral didn't start until 2pm and the entire time, I was having the most terrible pains ever. We were definitely cutting the time close - we had to miss the burial and that still tears my heart up. I tried to get Brandon to stay because I didn't want him to miss it, but him being the loving husband that he is wasn't going to let me drive myself to the doctor. I know I had no control over the situation, but I'll probably never stop feeling guilty that we missed that. When we got to the doctor, she said the level was still slowly climbing up - it was 176. I had another ultrasound which nothing was revealed - they even checked my tubes but saw no baby at that point. I returned on Friday and it had dropped to 169 - while that was a sad thing, it was also a good sign.. A sign that my body would start miscarrying and "flush" everything out on it's own. So I prayed that over the weekend, while I had Brandon home with me, that everything would pass on it's on. I thought for sure that was happening because I was in a lot of pain all weekend and had a LOT of bleeding and clotting. Once again, I went to the doctor on Monday and this time she wanted me to wait for my results before leaving the hospital... Shockingly after just KNOWING it went down.. My level was higher than ever - 257. She rushed me into an ultrasound where this time, they found the fetus in my right tube RIGHT before the ovary - which made me even more sad because it was SO SO SO close to making it into the ovary! Dr. Dean confirmed that it was an ectopic pregnancy at that point and then they found internal bleeding. After much talking and thought - she decided that she needed to admit me into the hospital to be watched - and after MORE thinking and discussing with other doctors, she thought she needed to perform surgery that afternoon to remove the fetus from the tube and clean it out so we didn't have a higher risk of it rupturing or me bleeding out anymore. It SUCKED sitting there by myself.. all I could do was cry. I got in touch with my Momma and Brandon to let them know (they were both at work) that I was being admitted and needed surgery. Not but about 15 minutes later, my Pops called and asked where I was because he'd left work and was almost at the hospital to be with me. Once I finally finished in admitting and the nurse was taking me upstairs - Momma and Brandon had gotten off work and was there. We had all of the lovely paperwork to sign and I was gowned up and in my bed with multiple people coming in and preparing me for surgery. We had to wait until about 6pm or so before I went into surgery. Everything went well - but she did have to remove my right tube because of the damage and the bleeding. So we'll be working on one tube, but she said there is no reason we shouldn't be able to get pregnant with that one tube. Since then I've had a few people let me know that they've gotten pregnant on only one tube so it helps me reassure myself that it IS possible. One of those people is my sister-in-law! But we do have to wait at least three months before trying to get pregnant again. I have so many fears that it's going to happen again and then I'd have no tubes... but then a nurse tells me I could get fake ones put in if it came down to it! HA. I just got to have faith! A friend of mine shared this verse with me today and I love it! "Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not depend on your own understanding--Proverbs 3:5" I do need to tell myself that often. It's been a week and two days since surgery and I'm doing some better with the pain, but I'm of course still extremely emotional. Brandon was on-call this past weekend AND while he was at work during the week, all I could do was cry cry cry.. I was so lonely and sad and depressed, so we went and stayed at my Mom and Pops house so they could help me with Garrett - not to mention I didn't want to be alone - I have been an emotional wreck. We ended up staying at Mom's from Friday until Tuesday after Garrett's speech therapy and I only cried a couple times there.. mostly when I was laying in bed or in the shower. When I was busy with Mom and everyone, I didn't have time to cry so it was nice! I had a feeling on the way home yesterday that I'd be happy to be home and sleep in my own bed, but I just KNEW that feeling would fade quickly. Sure enough, I started missing my Mommy today and have been down a lot today... especially writing this post. I thought I'd be good by now, but boy was I wrong! I felt like I needed to post my story before I forgot things though because I just know that one day I'm gonna be looking at my little man and have a healthy baby in my arms and be so thankful... and I'll look back at this post and just remember that Popaw just wanted one of his Great Grandbabies to come to Heaven with him to play and be thankful that at least my angel baby isn't alone up there - He/She is having that wonderful Popaw to play with!!!

A special thanks to all of my AMAZING family who has helped me through this terrible time. I couldn't be more thankful for every single person. Family really is all it's about!!!! And a big thanks to everyone who has been praying for us, as well! We've needed it and still need it. I appreciate all of the kind words I've gotten from many of you - and a lot of good friends to help me through it as well!!! I could never express how thankful I am for every prayer and kind words and reassurance. Pray that 2011 is nicer to me!!! Love you all!!!

If you need anything from Scentsy before Christmas, you can order all the way up until Saturday to get it in time for Christmas! The link to my Open Party that I'll close on Saturday is:

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if I don't post before then again!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wow... What a CRAZY couple of weeks!

Hello everybody! It's been a minute, but I have been insanely busy the past couple of weeks. I'm not even sure where to begin. It's definitely been a roller coaster. After that last sentence, I need to talk about something off subject. Not many people will understand this, but I can't help but every single time I spell "definitely" out now, I think about one of my best friends, Crystal. She's always been the one to have correct me on literally MILLIONS of things. For instance, when I first started working in the dental field, which is how I met her, I'd say "prophy" wrong. I can't remember exactly how I said it, but it was definitely wrong and I looked like a total ass. I think she let me say it quite a few times before she finally corrected me (because she didn't like me at first). Ha. She's also had to constantly correct me because I spell sandwhich wrong. Habit. I always have to type it as sandwhich and then go back and take that first "h" out. Sandwich. She has also corrected many of my flaws... don't call people "chinks"... death is a part of life, you gotta learn to accept it... I'd be here for DAYS if I had to think about all the things she has corrected me on and taught me, but I think you get the gist of it. There has only been one or two times that I got to teach her something, but most recently she was corrected by someone for spelling "definitely" wrong. She spells it "definately". HAHAHA.. I wish I could remember what one thing I got to correct her on.. It was recently, but I can't remember! Regardless, she is one of my BEST BEST BEST friends and I love her so much. I'm so happy she got to come in town last weekend and I got to spend some quality time with her. It was much overdue. She got to use my new lens and take some family photos for us for our Christmas cards!!! I love them! We got some great pictures, even though we were only out there for about 20 minutes because it was COLD.. and it was wet on the ground! Yuck weather! Regardless, they were precious. I tried loading a couple onto here, but it always takes so long and messes up a lot...but you've seen them on my Facebook anyways!! :)

The GREAT news is... We are expecting another baby!!! We are so excited and can't wait. My mind is going ninety to nothing thinking of all the things I've got to get done and we've got to get before the baby comes! I'm only nearing 5 weeks, so it's still really early. My due date is around July 24th, but I'll have him/her a week or two earlier since I'll have to have another c-section! My first doctors appointment is on December 14th and I can NOT wait! To tell my family and friends, we got a shirt for Garrett that says "I'm going to be a big brother!" on it. I have yet to get a good picture with my good camera, I only have one from my cell phone because I put him in his carseat to take it! HA. He's so hard to get to sit/stand still! We were already going to my Mom's house the morning I found out FOR SURE I was pregnant, so the timing was perfect. Especially since my MeMaw and Granddaddy would be there too since they are living there during his radiation. So we loaded up and headed out. I just KNEW they'd notice it right off the bat. Garrett and I arrived at Mom's and as soon as we walked into the house, they pulled up... I was so excited that I didn't even go get my Subway sandwich (ha) out of the car because I knew they would notice the shirt while I was outside or something and I didn't want to miss that reaction. They all three come inside and each of them held and kissed Garrett, but I was wrong. No one noticed. So I walked outside to get my sandwich and unload our clothes and everything. MeMaw and Mom followed me out to help. We went back inside and Garrett was sitting in his Granddaddy's lap watching "A Goofy Movie" together. MeMaw, Mom, and I sat at the kitchen table together while I ate. I kept trying to get Garrett to come into the kitchen to get a bite of cookie so MAYBE they'd see it, but he wouldn't come in there. I even heard Granddaddy saying something about Garrett's shirt, but he didn't read the words. Finally, after about 30-45 minutes, Garrett was going into Mom's bedroom and I asked her if her toilet seat was down because Garrett would get into the potty if it wasn't. So she said she'd go shut it... I stood up to watch her walk by Garrett because I just KNEW she'd surely notice the shirt then.. She walked by looking at Garrett and said something like "Meme loves you!!!" and she did a double take at him.. and she ran up closer to him (cause she can't see far off) and read his shirt.. and she just started screaming, crying, and acting like a crazy lady. HAHA. You'd think something was wrong with her.. It was hilarious. But my MeMaw was like "WHAT?! WHAT!? What's wrong?! What happened?" because her or my Granddaddy had no clue why Mom was acting that way. Finally, Mom told them to read Garrett's shirt and MeMaw's reaction was the same as the first time I was pregnant and I wore a shirt saying that we're expecting their first great grandchild.. she was like "What? What? You got to to kidding me?" Okay, now I gotta see if I can upload the video from the first pregnancy. Best video ever. Anyways, my Granddaddy was STILL just staring at us like he had no clue what was going on and he says "What is it now??" and then we tell him and his reaction was also the same, he just says "Really??" and stays still on the couch "Well, that's great!!!" HAHA.. Anyways.. Most of my girlfriends caught on to the photo immediately.. most men, I had to tell them to read the shirt. Anyways, I think everyone is pretty much excited about it!! I know we definitely are!!!!

Here is Garrett wearing his shirt (photo from my phone)

The pregnancy tests were sure confusing though. Here is how it all went down... On Sunday, I was feeling a bit weird and like my pregnancy before, my boobies (sorry if there are any guys reading) were really tender. It wasn't quite time for me to start yet, but I figured I'd take a test anyways.. I immediately saw the "-" sign on this test before the 3 minutes were up, so I just threw it in the trash. About 5 minutes later, SOMETHING was telling me I needed to go get the test out of the trash. When I did.. this is what it looked like.. It had a faint + line... I was freaked! I went to Walgreens and got a 3pack of Early Response tests and the Clear Blue Digital tests for a few days later....

I went ahead and took an Early Response test the night that I went to Walgreens and got more tests which is the second test in this photo. It looks really negative, but a few minutes later, it had a very faint line. Very, very faint.. You can't even really see it in this photo. So I waited til Monday morning, first pee to take another test... It was a little more positive than the night before, but still a confusing "iffy" test.. so I was just telling myself to wait a few more days until I was REALLY late. Brandon was like "No, please take one tomorrow morning".. so I held my tee-tee all night and woke up on Tuesday morning and took the digital one so it could be CLEAR by saying "Pregnant" or "NOT Pregnant" because the lines were just stressing me out. I've never taken a digital one before, but it was pretty cool.. except those three minutes feel like an hour! The little time glass was just blinking and blinking and blinking... Brandon was in the kitchen getting his stuff together to leave and I was just staring and waiting.. and all of a sudden, BOOM... It popped up PREGNANT. My mouth hit the floor. I came in the kitchen kinda hiding the test and showed Brandon. He was ecstatic! We were so excited. And of course he starts the whole talking to my belly thing and saying "Daddy has another little boy on the way!" Oh boy, I think I've finally got him to accept that it's a good chance it's a girl too. Just for grins and giggles and pure curiosity, I stuck the last Early Response test in the same urine sample just to see what it'd say and the line was more profound that time. And now I am way late... and I can definitely tell I'm pregnant now without a test.. so I'm definitely pregnant. I'm just waiting to go to the doctor!

Okay, okay... Enough about me being pregnant. After we told my Mom and Grandparents.. Garrett started getting ill feeling AGAIN and as the night went on, it got worse and worse. So I had to cancel his Speech Therapy session and take him to the doctor instead. He's got a viral infection and sinus infections, bless his heart. It's been a rough week.. it's tough for my baby to breathe at night when he's trying to sleep. He's been coughing and gagging. Not eating well at all. It stinks, but I think he's starting to feel somewhat better. A day after I took him to the doctor, I woke up with MY throat killing me and my sinus' are acting up too!!! I hope we both are 100% better ASAP! I am so ready to go back to therapy though... the day we found out I was pregnant, he did the "more" sign language sign and it was SO AMAZING! He did it a few times asking for more cookie. I loved it... he hasn't done it again since that day though! But he's learning!!!! He's a smart boy!!!

Heath got to come home last Friday!! So he's officially been home for a week and a day. His homecoming parade was amazing! That is one of the few things I love about a small town like this one... the community is all like family and something like that is a BIG DEAL!

Granddaddy is doing pretty well with his radiation. He's still tired all the time and weak a lot, but he's doing better than he was during chemo. He'll be going into his third week this week!

We got some not-so-great news this week about Brandon's Popaw. They have decided that there isn't much more they can do for him. They stopped his radiation and chemo... and he's now on Hospice at home. It was just so rough on him going back and forth from Sarepta to Shreveport EVERY SINGLE DAY of the week for radiation. He's just exhausted, tired, and in pain all the time. So they've decided to take him off of everything, including his pills, and let him be at home for the remainder of his time here on earth... until he goes to live in Heaven with God! This breaks my heart, but it absolutely hurts me to see him suffer and holler when he's in pain. He's so tired, and so tired of hurting. It helps me to know that he says he "is ready" even though it will break all of our hearts. Please keep him, Mamaw, and our whole family in your thoughts and prayers through this difficult time. I was just talking to my mother-in-law about photos of him and I ran across this one of him and Mamaw dancing at our wedding and it made me all giddy inside!

I reckon that is all I can come up with for now!!! I've been typing on this on and off for most of the day... I had to pause to go take a picture of Brandon's big ole 8-point he killed!!! He was so excited!!! Until next time...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bitter Betty

This post will pretty much be short and "sweet" because I'm tired AND I want to catch up on a couple shows before bed. AND because I don't want to be such a Bitter Betty too much.

One thing that I'd like for you to know is that CANCER SUCKS. I'm so sick of it. I'm not going into it again tonight, but my entire family needs your prayers. Cancer is all around me.. I'm just ready for GOOD NEWS... POSITIVE NEWS.. I want to be HAPPY again, not sad and stressed all the time.

On the better side, Garrett's therapy went well this week! It was a REALLY early appointment and he wasn't too happy about being woke up... so he wasn't totally up to par this time, but he did put a coin in the piggy bank, which he hasn't been able to do before. I was so happy that I got tears in my eyes. We were excited to have Brandon come with us this week and meet the therapists.

HEATH IS COMING HOME FRIDAY!!! WAHOO! Hope it's not raining so we can go to the parade for his WELCOME HOME!

Christmas has officially began at our house. My Christmas tree went up yesterday and it's looking good! I even have three wrapped presents under the tree so far and ordered quite a few more gifts tonight. Gotta love that online shopping. There WOULD have been four presents under the tree, but my present came in today while I was getting my hair "did" and Brandon wrapped it and put it under the tree... but I KNEW what it was and decided I could go ahead and have it. He loves me and spoils me enough so I got my way! It's something I wanted for the holidays anyways - a better camera lens! It's a really nice portrait lens and I can't wait to get some nice pictures of Garrett and family and friends!! I went outside for a bit today and played around and took a few pictures, but don't feel like waiting on the upload on here tonight - I think all three of my readers are on Facebook anyways! HAHA..

Click on this link to order Scentsy Wickless Candles today! Makes great gifts for Christmas!!

I'm out of here. Sorry for the short post!

Bitter Betty

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Garrett and Grandpa's... Again!

I'm hoping one day I'll find something else to blog about other than my baby boy not talking and all the cancer and sickness around us! It seems like I only post about Garrett's therapy and my Granddaddy and Brandon's Papaw and how sick they are... I need more things to talk about! POSITIVE things!!! Cause I know ya'll think I'm boring and Negative Nancy! But hey, I'm loving seeing how far my little man is coming already and the more people praying, the better!

His first actual therapy was yesterday and he's already doing so good! After Mama and I stocked him up on newer toys and better toys for him... he's been enjoying them so much and is learning to push things and learning the concept of "cause and effect" way more already. And blabbing all sorts of letters! We will get there one day!!! AND SOON.. I just know it!

Garrett playing with Mrs. Cre!! He LOVES her! (The ring she's wearing is the one he gave her the shocked face to last week!!). I didn't get many pictures in Mrs. Cre's room this week because he was a busy-body in there! She ended up having to turn her mirror around in her room because he was going over to stare at himself too much!! HAHA.. He KNOWS he's cute!

He's a pro at putting the balls in and pressing the button to make them come out - he made Mrs. Audie so proud!

POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! He LOVES bubbles!

He made Mama and Mrs. Audie so proud! He sat so still in the chair and listened to her read the book... helped turned the page.. and even said his first "J" sounds - She was showing him a grasshopper and saying JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! And he grabbed one and was saying "JA! JA! JA!"

I love that his therapy is "play based" rather than him being bombarded with people aggravating him and just MAKING him do work or learn! He's really enjoying it and I'm enjoying it as well! I'm one proud Mama and can't wait to hear him tell me he loves me! I'll cry for weeks when that happens. So...I can't wait to cry for weeks!

My Granddaddy had an appointment yesterday with both of his "cancer doctors" and he had his MRI done and got marked up for radiation which he will start next Wednesday. He'll have seven weeks of radiation - five days a week. Hopefully that'll get over before we know it and he can get his health back some. He's so weak and sick feeling... and he can't take three steps without being out of breath. Bless his heart. Him and MeMaw will be moving in with my Mom and Pops during radiation so that they don't have to make a two-hour round trip every day of the week! Especially since my MeMaw doesn't drive and Granddaddy is too weak at this point! That's what is best for them.

Brandon's Papaw is also not doing well at all. They found out yesterday that the chemo he's taking isn't working anymore. And the cancer has spread to several other places. They are going to try radiation and the doctor told them there is another "new drug" that he could try if he can handle it... He has been suffering so bad lately and it kills me to see him that way. I don't want to see him in so much pain!

Like every other post - Please keep Garrett and our Grandpa's in your daily prayers - as well as Heath - and everyone else!!! There is so much going on - I think everybody needs to be livin' on a prayer!