Wednesday, December 31, 2008

39 Week Prenatal Appointment

On Christmas Day, I started having some pain in my rib area on my left side. At first, I thought it may have been heartburn or something, but as the day got worse. I tried to tough it out, but when I woke up the next morning, I hurt SO BAD that I was in tears just by barely touching the outside of my ribs. I got sort of scared that something could have been wrong, so I called the doctor. He called me in some pain medication and told me to take it and lay on a heating pad and if the pain didn't get any better to call him back later in the day. Needless to say, the pain medication didn't do ANYTHING to help relieve just made me sleepy and itchy. I called Dr. Ratcliff back around 5:30 pm to let him know that the pain meds had not helped a bit and he told me to come up to the Labor & Delivery Center and have it checked out. As soon as Brandon got home from work, we headed back up to El Dorado and had it checked out. They monitored me and the baby for a while, did a urine specimen, drew blood, and checked my cervix. My cervix had started to soften, but I was still only about 1.5 cm dilated. My blood work came back fine. My urine had a result of +2 bacteria in it, so they encouraged me ONCE AGAIN to drink TONS of water and force myself to drink as much as I can. It also had a little yeast in it, which they said was completely normal for so close to birth. My heart rate was pretty high while they were monitoring me, but it's always been a little fast anyways. They determined that my pain was inflamed ribs and cartliage. They gave me a big shot of Ativan and Vistril in my booty to help relax me some and help my muscles and joints from the pain. Let me tell you...I was higher than a kite! HAHA. They monitored me for about 30 minutes after they gave the shot to me. Then we had the long ride back home...but the shot gave me MUCH NEEDED relief. When Brandon and I got home, I washed my face and brushed my teeth, and went to bed. I got the BEST sleep I've gotten in a very long time. I slept for almost 12 hours (of course, still peeing every couple of hours) and probably could have slept longer. I felt much better in my ribs and legs and everything...for about 24 hours!! Then it all came back, but at least I got relief for a little while. I think my body was also hurting so bad because I've been so restless and not able to sleep for so long, my body was just exhausted... The pain hasn't came back as bad in my ribs, but I'm certainly still miserable with my legs and back and everything else, but the path down my pregnancy road is near the end! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

I had my 39 week prenatal appointment on Monday - and was hoping my next blog would be that I've given birth to my son... HAHA. BUT.. My body "isn't quite ready yet". I've dilated to 2 cm and my cervix has softened more. Unfortunately, it wasn't softened enough for induction to be "favorable" yet. The doctor said that if I haven't went into labor before Friday, he'll see me then and likely keep me! I gained another pound in a week, so I've made it to gaining 20 pounds while pregnant now. I feel certain that sometime soon after this Friday, we will finally have our son here!!! I can't wait to meet him!

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