Monday, December 22, 2008

38 Week Prenatal Appointment!

We went to the doctor today in hope that we'd be told that our baby would be here REALLY SOON to meet us!! He checked my cervix and said I was only dilated to about 1.5 cm. We were a little disappointed, but we weren't too disappointed! He said that he could feel his little head and he's in position for coming out!!! YAY!! We just want Garrett to be healthy and ready to come out when he does!! We're just hoping it's really soon. HA. I gained a pound in a week - so I'm up to 153 pounds! Pre-pregnancy was 134, so I've gained 19 pounds now!! BIG MAMA! I am pretty darn miserable now, but it's definitely going to be worth it!!! Pray that my cervix will soften more and progress in centimeters before next Monday.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!

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