Wednesday, December 3, 2008

35 Week Prenatal Visit and Update on Brian!

I got an update on Brian this morning that he has feeling in his feet! The nurse was tickling his feet and he was smiling and wiggling them! He can give a thumbs up, hold a picture in his hands, and squeeze someone elses hands!! They said you can tell he wants to talk so bad, but he's still on the ventilator. He's 75% off of the ventilator at this point! He can also follow with his eyes well..he watches his Momma's every move!!! He is coming back to us and they said the doctors are AMAZED at how fast he is recovering!! I feel certain its with all the prayers he's received and he's ready to meet his son!!! Hopefully we'll have more and more good news as the next few days pass!!! Thanks again for the prayers.

We just got home from our doctors visit! All is still going really well. They did a swab for Strep B today. I've gained 1 pound in two weeks! So I'm now at 151 pounds! We'll go back in two weeks from today and then we'll start going WEEKLY! Before we know it...Garrett is going to be here!!!

On the way home, I was telling Brandon about how much I just LOVE to check the mailbox for mail...and I don't know why because it's usually just bills! HAHA..Well, I was all excited to get to the house and check the mail. After today, I will NOT like checking the mail anymore. All we got was a Cabela's Magazine and a Tax Notice saying we owe $780 before December 31st!?!?! I'm so sick to my stomach. What makes it even more aggravating to me is that we were told that only houses that appraise for over $75,000 will be charged with the School District tax for the new Sarepta High School they will start building soon. I don't know if you've been to Sarepta, but there aren't many houses that appraise for much higher than that. There are lots of old frame homes, trailers and smaller hud-like homes. We have one of the nicer homes in the town. So since there aren't too many houses that appraise for more than that..the ones that do REALLY have to pay high price to take up for all the people in Sarepta who won't have to pay for it. No wonder everyone voted YES..because their houses don't appraise for over $75,000 and they knew they wouldn't have to pay for this new school!! UGH... It seems like we can't catch up! We just found out our air/heating unit has a mold problem and it's going to cost $1200 to get it fixed! Not to mention the outrageous amount we're going to have to pay the hospital for Labor and Delivery!!! All this world is worried about is money. All I can do it pray about it and hope we'll find a way to get through this horrible struggle!

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