Saturday, December 13, 2008

Awesome News About Brian!!

Brian was transferred four hours away from where he was originally at to start his physical therapy. After getting there, they did a CT scan and said that they really feel he'd have a better recovery here in the states!!! I was so excited when Brian's sister called to tell me that!!! I was EVEN MORE stoked when they told me he'd be in San Antonio!!! Only about 6 hours away from us. He'll be transferred to Brooke Army Medical Center tomorrow!!

He's also started to whisper and be able to say a few things again. They said he was even walking around some today and was eating jello and drinking juice!! What a strong man! I knew he'd do so well!!! I can't wait until I have Garrett because a few weeks later we are going to head to see him with my Mom and brother!!! I can't wait for him to meet Garrett and to hear him talk again!!

Continue to pray for him for this long journey back home!!!

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