Wednesday, December 17, 2008

37 Week Prenatal Appointment!

We went to the doctor today! I've gained a pound in two weeks! Dr. Ratcliff said that my Strep B test came back negative! Which is WONDERFUL, of course!! My blood pressure and everything is looking good. After he measured my fundus, he said "When will your family be coming in town?" (since I'd told him that all of my family and friends coming for the birth are obviously out of town) and I told him since it's the holidays, it's pretty flexible right now because people are home and off for the holidays! So he wants to see me this coming Monday and he'll check to see if my cervix has started to soften or if I've dialated any! He said that if I have, we'll go ahead and schedule to induce soon after!!! So please pray for me that my cervix has started to soften and we'll get to meet our son REALLY soon!! I can NOT wait!!! Love you all!

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