Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update on Brian!

I got a text from Ashley this morning and it said that Brian has pneumonia, but this is very common in situations like Brian when you're just being taken off of the ventilator and have been "immobile" for quite some time. So with the pneumonia, he is running a fever. But he is still responding and everything well. The doctors did a culture on him to see exactly what meds he needs to be put on, and will do that as soon as they find out! They also mentioned that we're still not quite "out of the woods" yet, but I do have faith in Brian and he's done so well up until this point, I think he's going to do great and come out of all of this well! Please continue PRAYING HARD though!!! The prayers do NOT need to stop or even slow down from what it was like last week because that helped tremendously!!! We need to keep praying like we all were when we found out about Brian!! Thank you for all the prayers!!!


At 9:20 this morning, I got another text from Ashley and the culture came back and it's NOT pneumonia!! It's an infection!! I'm sure they will be putting him on some strong antibiotics to clear that right up!! Praise the Lord! It's possible that he could still get pneumonia, but hopefully he won't!! Just keep praying!! Ashley said he's holding his cross in his hands right now!!! Also, the pressure on his brain is continuing to go down! It's now down to 5%! This is amazing news! They also said that his fever is starting to break!!! YAY for Brian!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yah for Brian & his family! God is amazing isn't he!

Ashley Dalton Alexander