Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Long time, no... type.

WOW! I am so ashamed it's been so long since I've updated my Blog! It's just been insanely busy!! A lot has changed and went on since February! Garrett FINALLY got his first hair cut and has had a couple more now... I noticed the last pictures I posted of him he still had long hair. He's also been RUNNING..not just taking those baby steps anymore. He still doesn't talk much at ALL, but he's so funny. I can't even imagine how silly he's going to be when he starts talking. He is JUST LIKE his Daddy.. quiet, but funny. I can't wait for him to be able to talk to me though. It would help me out so much - like tonight, he's ill and I know he doesn't feel good, but I don't know what's wrong with him. Staying up til at least 1am is NOT normal for my boy...he was up every 40 minutes to an hour last night. It's like he was a newborn all over again! He's still such a joy for us - I love being his Mommy. Even though the tantrums have began somewhat! HAHA.. He's got a MOUTH FULL of teeth now, which I'm sure is some of the problem of him not feeling well and waking up all during the night. But...this too shall pass.

What else... Brandon GOT A NEW JOB!!! He starts next Monday, August 2nd! We are so excited for a new and great opportunity. We are hoping and praying things start looking up for us. I know in my last post, I was aggravated with his job that he's been at for over five years. It's been a long process to get hired onto this place in Shreveport, but that just means they MUST be a great employer to work for. We've heard nothing but great things and can't wait to see how it goes.

My Granddaddy has been through a lot lately. It's been heavy on my heart and mind. Shortly after my step-grandpa lost his battle with cancer, my Granddaddy was diagnosed. During the funeral time for Papa Whittington, Garrett had an ear infection and my Granddaddy had a lot of pain in his side that started radiating to his spine. He assumed it was just from working in the yard or something, but after a few weeks we finally convinced him to go to the hospital. To make a long story sort of short - he had tests ran that led to other tests and finally after about two to three months of waiting and tests... they'd found an aerotic aneurysm around his heart that was nearly 5cm long. They wanted to do more extensive scans and when doing that, found a mass on the inside of his lung. After a lot more tests and debating and going back and forth to the doctors, they decided that they needed to take care of the mass inside the lung first. They decided to do a lower left lobectomy and they removed the whole lower left part of his lung in hopes of getting all of the cancer and then he wouldn't have to have chemo and/or radiation. Once they opened him up and started this extensive surgery, they saw there was more in his lymphnodes that they couldn't get. They sent that off for biopsy and he does have cancer in some of his lymphnodes. They did even MORE testing, but thankfully it's not in his brain or anything and it's confided to the chest area. But he still needs chemo and then radiation. He will have a chest port put in on Wednesday morning at 9am, so please be praying for him. It's still a LONG road ahead. Once all the cancer is dealt with, we have the aneurysm to deal with...which I freak out over ALL the time since it's so big. I'm so afraid of it erupting or something. He's been handling it all so well and the doctor was impressed at how good he healed up for his age after that surgery! It was so scary!!! I just want him to be back healthy again - Garrett does NOT understand why Granddaddy can't pick him up and tote him around, ride the four wheeler, or run over to the fence to see Dixie. Garrett doesn't like Granddaddy being "out of commission" just as much as we don't. Just keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

What else... I had another niece!! But this time it was an actual BLOOD niece. My brother's girlfriend had a beautiful baby girl on June 2nd! Her name is Kynlee Rae Jones and she's the most precious thing. I took pictures of her at 6 weeks old on Sunday and they turned out pretty cute. She's so tiny. I've forgotten what to do with such tiny babies. Garrett is pretty jealous over any babies that I hold so that makes me afraid of having another.

CAKES - Another reason I haven't been around blogging. I took the first two cakes that I'd done and it blew up.. I got interested, took Wilton courses at Michaels in Bossier for 16 weeks. Learned a nice bit of things and made a new friend who I adore, Angie! We hope to open a bakery one day!!! :) I've done a ton of cakes since I was last on here - and lots more to come. Not sure how long I'll keep it up.. It's very stressful and time consuming, but with every cake..it's getting easier and easier. And I guess I'm getting better at it... We shall see.

Photos - I miss being able to play with my camera so much. Cakes have sort of consumed me a lot. And it's so stinking hot outside it's almost miserable to be out there... and everything is dead! HAHA.. And I can't get Garrett to sit still for anything, so.. totally slacking on that part. But I WILL be making myself put my nose into forums and books more ASAP! I really want to take some sort of photography class or get with a photographer and do some one-on-one time for them to show me some things to learn better about it!

I am thinking this is all I have for now to share. I'm sure I left something out but will blog about that later. Besides - I'm still upset with my ugly layout on here anyways. But the weather it bad and I don't want to lose what I've been typing throughout the hours from last night until now!! Good day!