Thursday, December 11, 2008

A little scare...

Brandon and I had our first "scare" during my pregnancy today! For the past few weeks, I've been feeling mighty weak and stuff at times. I know that a lot of my blood flow and stuff is really going for this big boy I'm carrying around in my belly... I've been having a hard time eating a lot (because there is NO ROOM) or eating anything that's really healthy for me.

So we needed to go to Wal-Mart to get a few items and soon after we got into Wal-Mart, I started to feel bad. Just felt weak and spacey feeling...By the time we got to the check out, I was really feeling bad. I was sweating so bad and told Brandon "I don't feel right" and the last thing I remember was the cashier looking at me saying "Are you okay?" and I shook my head no and said "Something isn't right" and the next thing I know...My husband is brushing my hair back telling me that it's going to be okay. When I finally come to, I realized I'd passed out and got REALLY scared and just started crying because I was scared something was wrong with my baby!! Not to mention I had about 50 million people standing around me staring!! So they got me over to the bench and sat me down for a few minutes...It's all still a huge blur to me. But I had to be wheeled out of Wal-Mart in a wheel chair. SO EMBARASSING!!!

After we left, I immediately called my doctors office and they wanted me to come in. I had to see someone other than my own doctor since my doctor is out on Thursday afternoons. =( Not to mention, we didn't get seen by the doctor until about two hours after the accident happened because we live an hour and fifteen minutes from the hospital!! And we had to come by the house to drop off the cold items before we headed up there...and of course, there is the wait at the doctors office! HA. So I was worried they wouldn't know exactly what went wrong because I was feeling okay by the time we got there. They said my urine was really concentrated and I needed to try to drink more fluids and take it easy!! We got to hear Garrett's heartbeat to know that he is doing fine too!!

Brandon told me that I'd better not EVER do that to him again! Bless his heart!! He was scared to death, but at least he was with me because he caught me before I hit the floor!!! I have the best husband ever!!

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