Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update on Brian & My Weekend

I have had a VERY fun and exciting weekend, despite all of the stress and sadness I've been in the past week! Some of my amazing friends hosted a Couples (Co-Ed) Baby Shower for Brandon and I. It was so so so much fun and it was wonderful to get all of my friends together again! We had a blast playing games and mingling. Not to mention all of the wonderful things that everyone got our son. We loved it all and appreciate it more than you all know. Garrett will be so happy to have such great friends around us! Thank you to all who helped with the shower to make it so amazing and thank you for everyone who came!! Love you!!

Since I've been in Shreveport the whole weekend and busy, I haven't been able to get on here and give the latest on Brian! So here is the latest - They found out that Brian's fever was being caused due to an allergic reaction from a small pox and anthrax shot that Brian had gotten a couple weeks ago. They have taken care of that and his swelling has gone down some more since they found that out! His vitals are good, blood pressure is good, heart rate is good, he is stable, but still in ICU. The doctor said his pupils are looking good. They said a couple days ago, that if Brian kept improving, they'd try to start taking him out of the coma in two days, but since all of this has come up..they want to give him a few extra days. They don't want him trying to wake up from a coma and also fighting a fever. Not to mention, we don't want them to wake him up too early and him be in too much pain and start stressing out and make this all start over again!! I didn't take that as bad news, I just want whats best for my buddy and glad they aren't just rushing into it!!! They said they would post-pone slowly bringing him out of the coma to this coming Friday. Brian's parents met with a neurologist today and he says that all they can do now is wait and basically it is all up to Brian. Friday, if not earlier, they will determine if there is any brain damage. Brian's Mom, Mrs. Sharon, told Kim that his swelling has started to go down and that his lips are back to their normal color! He still has swelling and is still fighting the fever, but the doctor said that is normal. All of his vital signs are still looking good and his brain waves are still working also! Praise God!

It will be a week tomorrow since this has all started and it has been an emotional roller coaster for me - as well as his family! Continue with the amazing prayers! Brian is a strong person and I believe he'll keep fighting!!! I'll post any new updates that I get.. we're still playing the waiting game!!!

Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with your families!

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