Friday, December 5, 2008

Great News on Brian!! Help Levi get to meet his Daddy!

Brian's Dad, Mr. Doug, called Kim this morning and said that they expect Brian to make a FULL RECOVERY from all of this!!! They are also planning to take him completely off the ventilator this weekend. Even more amazing news...they will be soon transferring him about four hours away from where he is now for Physical Therapy!!!! The doctors are amazed and shocked at how fast Brian has started to recover. He's a very lucky man!!!

I can't wait to see Brian and just hug and squeeze him!!! I promise to be gentle though..HAHA. I'll probably have to wait until after Garrett is born before I can see him though. Since I'm so close to my due date, I can't go far away from home!! It's gonna drive me crazy waiting to see him. I will continue to pray for him daily!!! Thank you all for all of your prayers!!! And lets not forget to thank God for keeping Brian alive and for giving him the chance to meet his son, Levi!!!

With that being said, we ALL know it'll help him 100 times more if he could meet and hold his son for the first time! Ashley has already taken him to apply for his passport (at only two weeks old! HOW CUTE!) and they are waiting to get it back..which we all know can take quite some time!! We're hoping to get Levi over there right after Christmas to meet his Daddy. Unfortunately, the Army will not cover Ashley and Levi's trip over there or the hotel or anything since Brian and Ashley aren't married yet. This trip is going to cost about $1000 for the plane ticket and up to $2000 for the hotel and rental car. So we are all trying to help in any way we can to spread the word and try to get Levi to his Daddy!! Can you imagine Brian's face when Ashley walks in to see him with their son?! It just gives me chills. If you can't help out, please don't feel bad! We all know this is a VERY busy time of year when we're all spending money. Trust me, as you have seen in my previous blog.. Brandon and I KNOW times are hard ourselves right now, but it doesn't hurt to ask for help for Levi!! Brian's been so strong through all of this and he deserves to meet his baby. If you have any questions, you can contact Brian's sister Kim at 318-426-1032. Or if you just want to send a donation towards the trip, you can mail a check to:Ashley Schmidt, 4415 Jeffers Drive, New Albany, IN 47150. More than anything, just keep praying for Brian's full recovery and for us to all find a way to get Levi and Ashley to Germany!! Thank you so much!!!!

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