Wednesday, November 19, 2008

33 Week Prenatal Appointment!

I just got back from seeing the doctor today! It was, once again, a very quick visit! I dread the drive to El Dorado and back when it's such a short visit...especially just when I go to see how much fatter I'm getting! HAHA. But at the same time, I love to go because I get to hear how well my pregnancy is going and get to see the doctor smile and say "His heartbeat sounds amazing!!!". And I know that since I'm going so's getting closer and closer to time for Garrett to come into this world!!! In two weeks, I've gained 3 pounds. Which puts me at a whopping 150 pounds total and means I've gained 16 pounds total so far! He said my urine tests and blood pressure and everything look amazing!

I talked to Dr. Ratcliff today about possibly enducing around 38 weeks or so because Brandon and I had a LIST of reasons we wanted to have Garrett in December. One of the main reasons we wanted to be enduced was because we live an hour and fifteen minutes from the hospital and I've been having anxiety about not making it there... also with it being Winter time, you never know road conditions... and because Brandon works up there too. If I was to go into labor at my house and him be at work...I'd panic to the max! HAA. Another reason that was a big concern for me is the fact that we have people coming..and they are all from somewhere other than El Dorado! I explained to him that we even have people coming up from South Louisiana for it. Lastly, for insurance and tax purposes!!! Wouldn't it be sad to miss being able to claim Garrett on our taxes when he was just only a couple days shy of being born in December?!! Not to mention the deductibles on our insurance!!!! I've been pregnant for more than half of this year, so I think we deserve the right to have these feelings!! HAHA.. So, Dr. Ratcliff said that he doesn't normally consider enducing until a woman is "past due", BUT..Said he understands my concerns about family and stuff being from out of town and everything. He said that as we get closer to time and he starts checking my cervix and stuff, if it's started to "ripen" and it seems like enducing would work fine...then we'll go for it! So please pray that I start to "ripen" mid-December!!!! I certainly do NOT want to put risk on myself or Garrett, so I reassured him I wouldn't want to do it unless it was completely safe. He said that when some people want to be enduced, their cervix hasn't started thinning or anything so the drugs they give to enduce labor would probably fail and cause more the only way we'll enduce is if everything is looking good and starting to ripe!!!

Our next appointment is December 3rd and that's only FOUR WEEKS until my due date! Wow!!! I can't believe how close we are getting! Keep us in your prayers!!!

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