Friday, November 28, 2008

Update on Brian - finally GOOD NEWS!

I got a text from Brian's fiance about two hours ago that said that Brian had a fever and they had ice packs all over him to try to get it down. They called her back a couple hours later with good news - Brian's fever is down and he only had mild swelling on his body, but that was expected with the fluids that are being pumped through him. The doctor said his kidneys are taking care of his swelling!! The pressure on his brain has came down some, but not nearly enough yet!! The best news of all though, the doctor said that if Brian keeps improving the way he is now, they will probably be able to take him out of the coma in two days or so!!!!! Praise Jesus! We finally got some good news. Don't for one second think that we can stop praying yet!!! We need to continue to pray!!! We're not all the way out of the woods yet. My prayer will NEVER stop for Brian!!! With your continued prayer, Brian will pull through!!!! He's a strong fighter!! We love and miss you so much, Brian! COME HOME!!!!

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