Wednesday, November 5, 2008

31 Week Prenatal Visit!

We had an amazing visit today at the doctors office! We were told that my blood work came back "just perfect"! No diabetes! My blood sugar was 121. My hemoglobin levels were in the perfect range. My blood pressure is wonderful...and that is seems like I'm going to sail on through this pregnancy with no problems at all!! I've gained two pounds in the past two weeks, which is exactly what I should have!! That makes a total of 14 pounds in pregnancy so far and he said that is the best he's seen in a long time and to just "keep up the good work"...which consists of a bunch of junk food and sweets for me! HAHA. I'm so shocked that everything has went so well and that I haven't gotten HUGE because of the things I eat, but I am NOT complaining!!We also went to the Women's Center to pre-register and get all set up to have this sweet little boy. It made me all giddy inside to be in the building where in a few short weeks, we will be meeting our son! I was also a bit nervous, I must admit! I just pray that everything will keep on going smoothly! I know that God will take care of us! We will go back to the doctor on the 19th! I will post again after that appointment!

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