Thursday, November 27, 2008


I just got a text from Brian's fiance, Ashley, saying that Brian is in surgery right now for his third procedure to help relieve pressure off of his brain! Please PRAY NOW!!! Continue to pray. Check back here for updates later on how the procedure went. I pray to God that this goes well and works and Brian is going to pull through this!!! THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS!!!!


The surgery for Brian this morning did not relieve as much pressure as the doctors had hoped for, but we still have hope! They said Brian's brain is still active so that's amazing news! We know Brian is fighting so he can get home to his son to meet and hold him. His parents made it to Germany just fine and are with Brian now. Please continue to pray for Brian and his family and friends.. When you sit down with your family, please include him in your Thanksgiving Prayer!!! Hope you all have a blessed day.

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