Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"It's not about us, It's not about me. It's about Jesus" - Jill Attebery

The past couple of weeks have really made me open up my eyes and really see life from a different view. When we were living in El Dorado, Arkansas, I started going to Bible Study on Wednesday Nights with Jana at Wyatt Baptist Church. Jana and I were inspired to go by Lori, who we worked with at Dr. Smart's office. Lori is a woman of faith and I've really grown spiritually since knowing her. In June 2006, Lori's daughter Lauren, was tragically killed in a car accident the day before Father's Day and the day before Lori and Donny's Wedding Anniversary. Lauren had just turned 21 two weeks earlier and was Lori and Donny's only daughter! She was on her way to El Dorado from Conway to fix dinner for her parents for their Anniversary and Father's Day. This struck everyone very hard, obviously. I honestly didn't ever know how Lori made it through the days, but God gave her the strength and still gives her the strength every single day!! I am so inspired by Lori!!!

A couple of weeks ago, tragedy struck Wyatt Baptist Church yet again. The Pastor - Scott Attebery, his wife Jill, and their 2 1/2 month old son Bryce, was involved in a car accident on the way back home from a family reunion. Unfortunately, Jill did not make it. She had terrible trauma to her head and brain. She, however, did help save several other lives by having her organs donated! Isn't that so amazing? The first few days after I got the news, I was VERY upset and couldn't understand why God would do such a thing to such a woman of Faith and a woman who just had a newborn baby after she and her husband tried for such a LONG TIME for! I got very upset and cried very often and couldn't take my mind off of it. During the Bible Studys, Jill was always there and speaking about everything she learned in the lessons and her pages would be FILLED with notes she had taken during the videos and during her homework assignments. Jana and I were both so intimidated to sit by her because we couldn't COMPARE to everything Jill had written in her books and we were ashamed we couldn't ever come up with as many things as she did. She never failed to speak to me or anyone else. She was so kind hearted!!! I still can't believe that she is gone now, but I know she's in better hands and is up there praising with our Lord!

Jill and Lauren's death was very tragic and has consumed all of my thoughts lately. It has caused me to want to become a better wife and mother, but most of all it has caused me to want to become a better Christian.

I wanted to share the SlideShow from Jill's Memorial Service that was uploaded by a member of a church. The Attebery and Jarvis family remains in my prayers!!! Jill will never be forgotten!

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