Thursday, October 28, 2010

Garrett's Evaluation and Our State Fair Experience!

The past couple days have been crazy!!! But mostly fun anyways. We had Garrett's evaluation with the Speech and Occupational Therapist yesterday. Let me begin by saying - WE LOVE THEM! His Occupational Therapist's name is Mrs. Cre and she is so sweet and so good with Garrett. He absolutely loved her. He even played with her hair and looked at her ring and gave her the shocked face when he saw it! So funny! And his Speech Therapist's name is Mrs. Audie and she is such a sweetheart too. It's so obvious that they both love what they do and love the children. Garrett warmed up to both of them, but Mrs. Cre in particular! He cried when we had to leave her room and go to Mrs. Audie's room. But he did so well with both of them and the entire time we were there. They asked me hundreds of questions and played with him some. They do think that he needs a little help in both areas, but they didn't have any major concerns. They think he will catch right on up in no time. Which made me feel so happy and relieved! They both gave me great suggestions and recommended more interaction with children his own age some. A lot of why he probably doesn't talk is because he's not in daycare and he's never really HAD to say much because his Mama just gives him whatever he needs! HA. But we will get there! They suggested a few toys that are "Cause and Effect" - so he has to do something to make it work! And things that make him really work his little fingers and make his mind think. He's got SO MANY little knick-knack toys in his bin here at the house and they suggested to sort of clean it out and only have a few things available for him to play with at a time so he can focus more on one thing at a time. And to also have a designated area for him to sit and color or play with a certain toy! So after his appointment, my Mama, Garrett, and I went on a little shopping spree for things that he needs. Thanks to his MeMe and his Daddy's hard working, he's gotten some nice new toys and learning activities.. some "early Christmas presents"! He has absolutely loved them all so far too! We couldn't find a little activity desk and chair like we wanted, but his MeMe ordered one online for him!! One thing Garrett really loved at the therapists' office was the little mats they played on. I found some at Toys'R'Us with the alphabet and numbers and as soon as we got home today from spending a couple nights with my Mama..we set them up! He was running and stomping on them for a WHILE! He's so funny. We will be seeing Mrs. Cre and Mrs. Audie on Tuesday's for a little while and see how he does. I've also got him on the waiting list to start next August at the Child Development Center in Springhill (sort of like Mom's Day Out, but a learning center). He'll go twice a week from 9 to 2:30! They start pre-registering and she said it's pretty likely that we will get accepted because he's not too far down the waiting list (one of a few perks of living in a small town). I know next August is a little ways away, but we will find other activities to do from now until then to get his interaction with other kids that he needs.

We decided to stay the night again with my Mama and take him to the State Fair today along with his cousin Macee! I was a little afraid it would be a disaster because he hadn't really had a nap, but fell asleep shortly before we got to the fair... but then again, I know how he LOVES to ride almost anything so I thought it'd work out fine. When we enter the gates, we have to stop and either buy tickets or a wrist band... we chose wrist band so we could ride whatever, whenever, and however many times without having to go back and purchase more tickets! Garrett has NOT been crazy about anything around his wrists... long sleeve shirts, jackets, and much less a wrist band. He was having a come apart when the carney put the wristband on him. After the first couple rides, Garrett just wasn't having it - so I walked back over to the carney and asked him if he (I initially called him "mam" because I thought he was a she) could put a band on his leg instead of his wrist and he tells me no because the bands are "all accounted for and I'd have to pay $10 AGAIN for one to go on his leg" - FORGET THAT. I'm not paying $10 AGAIN for a piece of dang paper!!! That was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard. But Aunt Sharon wiggled it off of his arm and we just attached it to his shoe! It was all gravy from there! He had such a wonderful time. He loved EVERYTHING! I could go on for days. I'm not a big coaster junkie - and was even sort of nervous to get on the kiddie dragon coaster, but he was NOT riding that alone. The carney kept telling me "This is not an adult's for kids" But I didn't care.. Garrett wanted to ride and I wasn't putting him on that alone. My knees sure wish I hadn't of rode though. They are getting bruises on them from being so scrunched in the short cart and them banging against the metal with each turn, hill, and jerk.. but it was worth it! Garrett loved it. I think that may have been his favorite because he threw the biggest fit getting off of that one! We then got on the carousel in the kiddie area... and I was wondering when that one was going to end after about three minutes of going up and down and up and down while having the death grip on my son. Turns out the carney fell asleep for a few minutes.. no lie. Those people just really freak me out, but Garrett had fun nonetheless. Here are a few pictures just from my point and shoot camera! I wasn't bringing my big mama-jama up in the fair!!!

This is the first carousel we rode - he wasn't happy about his wristband! (Not the one where the carney fell asleep)

Still not happy about the band... HA

I sorta love this one - We were riding the little doggies!

My fearless child petting the goat! When we asked one carney where the animals were - he literally turned around in his area (some sort of game area) and pointed at the stuffed animals. No lie!!!

Okay - Seriously, I laugh my hiney off EVERYTIME I look at this picture and think about this story. A lady walked by us when we were standing next to this llama and whatever the other animal was and she had a bunch of food for the animals and she said "The animals weren't wanting to eat when we were trying to feeding them! You can have it and see if they'll eat it!" - so my Mama grabs the cup with little bits of food in them and this llama sticks his head out of this hole in the fence(we had just been laughing about his MAJOR under-bite) and my Mama is trying to gently feed the llama and he almost bites her hand off trying to get the food. He was very snatchy - no manners at all. My Mama's face was just priceless - I guess maybe it was one of those things you had to be there for. Mama is pretty fearless, but she was scared of this thing... SO FUNNY. I have tears in my eyes. **Note that Garrett isn't scared at all**

This part of the day almost broke my heart - this little train ride, I decided I'd let him ride alone if Macee rode with him. All was well until we couldn't get Macee's buckle snapped in and the carney came to help out - and he scared the crap out of Macee, poor baby! Then she wasn't having it. I'm telling you... there really was something strange about all the people running EACH RIDE... But anyways, Macee wasn't riding it anymore after being scared and Garrett was READY... so he rode ALL BY HIMSELF. And he sat so still and just looked around and did so good. It broke my heart because he looked like such a big boy. It really made me want to cry when the train would pass by and we'd holler "HEY GARRETT" and then he'd go by and I could see his little head poking up above the seats from behind.
In his own cart - all by himself!

Here we are riding the teacup (excuse my hair - it was windy!) - This particular carney was a tad strange himself.. Bees were surrounding the poor little big guy. He was hollering "Get the hell away from my damn coke damn bees! I'm gonna have to tell my boss about this problem! If I get bit once, I gotta go to the emergency room!" - Pretty sure the bees understood him... and pretty sure the children in the KIDDIE AREA could also pick up his curse words.
Brittney and Macee on the teacup!

So - Today was very interesting to say the least with all of the carnies. But it was worth it - my baby boy had a blast and I actually want to take him back! However, I can't say that I won't still be wanting to ride the rides with him again (even if he's like 4... or 9..or 16).

As far as other updates - it seems like everyone around me needs prayer (including us) at this time. So just keep family and friends in your thoughts and prayers!!! I'm exhausted and ready for bed... after I watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice!


StaceyT said...

That is awesome his evaluation went so well! So happy for you guys! I know you must be feeling so much better about it all!
Your day at the fair was cracking me up!! Crazy carnies lol!!! Garrett is pretty much the opposite of my Lauren, she is afraid of everything at places like that lol, including the creepy workers!!

Chrystal Garza said...

Hey!! I read this 2 days ago & am just now getting to comment!! I'm ecstatic at how his evaluation went! I really really think CDC will be a great starting point for him. There's days I wish I had never pulled Aaronlane out because he just loved it so much! & now it is a blessing to have him go 2 days a week so I have a little break with Lennie. As far as development goes, he sounds right on track, just a little kid interaction will boost him a little. I have a laugh and learn table that you can use if you wanna try it out for him? Lennie won't use it for a while, and that way you can see if it's something he would like. It does abc's, 123's, colors, up/down, high/low, music, english/spanish & a lot more! Anyways, super ecstatic about his eval!
We're not going to the fair this year. I asked Aaronlane and he said "Why? I went last year." LOL so maybe when Lennie's old enough and it's not so new on Aaronlane's mind we'll go again.
But y'all have a great day....& kill a deer! haha