Sunday, October 17, 2010

Playing the Waiting Game..

I hate waiting around. Plain and simple. Thursday and Friday I waited around for multiple phone calls...many which didn't come. The call I was waiting for Thursday, about insurance coverage for speech and occupational therapy, didn't come until Friday. That call made me need to make another call, which still has yet to be returned. So with all the waiting and testing my patience (which is like NEGATIVE 8 billion) it made me think about my other pet peeves.. and boy do I have a lot. That'll be a post in itself. HA. Anyways - Our insurance coverage only allows for 20 sessions of therapy per year AFTER the deductible is met and then they pay 80%. Which would probably be okay this year since we are so close to the end, but that's only 10 sessions each if he needs both Speech AND Occupational Therapy. So that wouldn't get us far at all next year. We are looking into Early Steps as well because their services are free, but have been told by the receptionist there that the "in-take process" could take about 45 days. I don't WANT to wait until around Thanksgiving and the holidays to start his evaluation and stuff. There goes my patience thing again. But at the same time, Brandon and I both want answers now. We've talked about it over our very little time together over the weekend and we've decided that we will get the Early Steps program "in-take process" started but also go ahead and see the other Physical Therapist for his full evaluation. It's worth the $210 to get him evaluated before 45 days are up to us. We're ready for answers! We both know that one day we'll probably think we are ridiculous for jumping in this deep because he's probably just a late bloomer! But OH WELL! We are both tired of stressing out about it - and I'm the worst because that's all I have time to think about since I stay home with Garrett. Brandon hides his feelings a lot, but I know this bothers him a lot too.. especially because he also has to deal with me crying all the time. HAHA. Tomorrow I'll be calling to schedule the full evaluation for very soon hopefully and getting the Early Steps process started. Ever since Garrett got his shots - he's been sick! Really congested, runny nose, and coughing and LATE LATE NIGHTS. This happened last year when he got the flu shot... I'm started to think it's not so "coincidental".

Keep Garrett on your prayer list as well as my Granddaddy and Brandon's Papaw. Both of them aren't doing very well at all. The chemo is really getting to my Granddaddy - it took all I had not to cry when I saw him yesterday. He can't eat or drink anything. He's so nauseated. It's not normal for him to not smile or being excited to see Garrett. It was like Garrett KNEW his "best buddy" didn't feel well yesterday because he kept getting in the rocking chair with his Granddaddy and letting his Granddaddy rock him... and if you know Garrett, he does NOT sit still - so that was so sweet to see! Brandon's Papaw has also been very weak and having a lot of pain. He was in the hospital for a couple of days and they have found more lesions in his right ribs and his illiac bone on the right hip. We still aren't really sure what all is going on - he sees the cancer doctor Tuesday. So does my Granddaddy - we aren't so sure he'll get his treatment this week or not seeing how this past week has been.

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.


Emily said...

its better to be over cautious then wait to long and not have done anything sooner! so thats why yall are such good parents! i will keep everyone in my prayers... love you B and g baby!! :)

Andrea Neal said...

Thank you Emmy!!! It feels good to hear others say they think we are good parents!!! :))) Thank you for the prayers! We all love you too!