Friday, October 22, 2010

Updates! Updates! Read all about it!

Unfortunately, we had to schedule for next Wednesday for Garrett's Speech and Occupational evaluations, BUT that's probably for the best anyways. Because he has been sick since he got his shots last week. And it's been even worse the past two days. Now guess what? I've got a really sore throat - I've not been feeling really good all week either. I've been weak, tired, and fainty feeling.. and now on top of that a sore throat. Brandon and I have a "date night" tomorrow night and I'll be totally bummed if that gets canceled because I don't feel good because we rarely ever get to have a date night!! I was happy to get rid of the hot Summer months, but the transition to Fall weather always makes our allergies go wild. But we are so excited that we are getting right on in for Garrett's evaluation anyways! I had them mail me his paperwork so I could go ahead and get it filled out...and boy am I happy that I did that! It seriously took me an hour to fill them out and was 10 pages long. MOST PAPERWORK EVER! My Mom is going with us for the evaluation next week. She was going to go so she could keep an eye on him while I filled out the paperwork and for moral support! Luckily, we've got one part out of the way. So we're just waiting on next Wednesday now. The other day, he dropped something and I said "Uhoh!" and he repeated it clearly a few times. And he's jabbering more and more.. not just "dee dol dee dol dee dol" LOL.. He has other sounds in there now. Brandon and I were talking about how we just know he's going to be coming around soon and probably start talking clearly with full sentences. However, we still want the evaluation done just for peace of minds!!! And my sanity! I'll tell you what though - Brandon and I used to say "Our child WILL NEVER..... act this way, talk like that, get by with that, yada yada yada". But I'll also tell you that it's not easy to get onto him when he's so dang cute and funny. He wasn't eating much of ANYTHING yesterday at all. He would drink his milk and juice, but that's it! He LOVES sweet potatoes but didn't even want that. I got him to eat a Goldfish cracker at supper so I tried to trick him and put some sweet potatoes on it. Well, since he's SOOOOOOOO very independent.. he wanted to feed it to himself and as soon as he felt the sweet potatoes on the goldfish, his face look disgusted and he started flinging his hand to get it off his fingers. It was like slow motion and it finally landed in the floor and made a big mess... I used to say I'd tear his butt up.. but it was so hilarious.. Brandon and I just stared at each other and I did my ridiculously loud laugh. I couldn't contain it. It was just so funny and it seemed like it took forever for the goldfish and sweet potatoes to land on the floor way behind him.. I guess maybe you had to just be there to think it was funny, but I assure you.. it WAS indeed funny and I am still snickering every time I think about it. Garrett, Brandon, and I were also playing in Garrett's room last night and Garrett was having a good time turning his Pottery Barn chair over (he loves being a strong boy) and Brandon was pushing it back around and it sort of hit and pushed Garrett a little bit and Garrett got BOWED UP and was clinching his fists and going crazy on that chair for hitting him. It was HILARIOUS!!! He's just so funny. I can't wait for him to start talking and saying funny stuff then.. I do believe we are in for it! And I'm pretty sure I will have to be the punisher because Brandon lets him do whatever he wants to do and Brandon is also clear about how he'll probably never spank that baby.

On other good notes, I took my Granddaddy for his LAST CHEMO treatment on Tuesday!! We meet with the doctor for the planning of radiation on November 2nd and we will go from there on starting radiation and seeing how much he'll need. Since it will be Monday thru Friday each week, MeMaw and Granddaddy will pretty much move in with my Mom and Pops so they don't have a two hour round trip every day of the week! Keep him in your prayers and I'll keep everyone up to date on how he's doing!!!

Also, Brandon's buddy Heath got moved to the "step down" unit at the LSU Burn Center! We are so excited about that. One step closer to coming home!!!! The power of prayer is amazing!! And again, here is his sister, April's blog about his recovery - she hasn't posted in a week and I am constantly stalking her blog for another post!! I love her writing and hearing about his recovery!

I'm getting stoked about deer hunting! I killed my first deer around 2005, I think... It was a doe and my father-in-law too me hunting. This was back when Brandon was stingy and didn't want to miss out on HIS opportunity to miss a nice deer by taking me hunting. And since his Daddy loves to scout and take kids hunting.. he was nice enough to take me. I remember it like it was yesterday. Mosquitos swarming all around us and then a doe walked out. I don't know if you know me, but I laugh at the most inappropriate times. Such as when I'm nervous, when I SHOULD be quiet, and all sorts of inappropriate times (hints the times Garrett should be getting in trouble).. Anyways, when the deer came out Charles was telling me what all I need to be doing to get ready to pull the trigger but all I could do was laugh and laugh. Finally, he told me to settle down and aim. HAHA. I'm ALSO a HUGE flincher. You can be 100 yards away from me and if you throw a punch.. I am GOING TO FLINCH. It's horrible. My brother makes big fun of me. So when I'm getting ready to pull the trigger, I'll get it aimed on the deer but then I have to close my eyes to shoot... and it makes me pull the gun some. It was pretty comical and I remember it like it was yesterday. But I did get the doe (even though my father-in-law had to shoot the deer again to kill her) and I was so excited. But then two weeks later, something hit me and I was SO UPSET with myself that I'd killed that beautiful deer. I was upset for a few weeks. And I got to where I couldn't even eat deer meat because I got so sad about it!!!! Until now, I've not had any interest in killing another doe. I refuse. But I am hunting for the horns! I do think I'm more excited than Brandon about hunting this season. He wants me to get one of the big bucks we have back behind the house! So these are a couple deer that I'm hunting for!!!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!! I'm looking forward to my husband FINALLY having time off and having some quality time with him on date night! Hoping my throat feels better TODAY! I don't want to feel like crud on date night!!! Good day!

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