Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Garrett and Grandpa's... Again!

I'm hoping one day I'll find something else to blog about other than my baby boy not talking and all the cancer and sickness around us! It seems like I only post about Garrett's therapy and my Granddaddy and Brandon's Papaw and how sick they are... I need more things to talk about! POSITIVE things!!! Cause I know ya'll think I'm boring and Negative Nancy! But hey, I'm loving seeing how far my little man is coming already and the more people praying, the better!

His first actual therapy was yesterday and he's already doing so good! After Mama and I stocked him up on newer toys and better toys for him... he's been enjoying them so much and is learning to push things and learning the concept of "cause and effect" way more already. And blabbing all sorts of letters! We will get there one day!!! AND SOON.. I just know it!

Garrett playing with Mrs. Cre!! He LOVES her! (The ring she's wearing is the one he gave her the shocked face to last week!!). I didn't get many pictures in Mrs. Cre's room this week because he was a busy-body in there! She ended up having to turn her mirror around in her room because he was going over to stare at himself too much!! HAHA.. He KNOWS he's cute!

He's a pro at putting the balls in and pressing the button to make them come out - he made Mrs. Audie so proud!

POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! He LOVES bubbles!

He made Mama and Mrs. Audie so proud! He sat so still in the chair and listened to her read the book... helped turned the page.. and even said his first "J" sounds - She was showing him a grasshopper and saying JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! And he grabbed one and was saying "JA! JA! JA!"

I love that his therapy is "play based" rather than him being bombarded with people aggravating him and just MAKING him do work or learn! He's really enjoying it and I'm enjoying it as well! I'm one proud Mama and can't wait to hear him tell me he loves me! I'll cry for weeks when that happens. So...I can't wait to cry for weeks!

My Granddaddy had an appointment yesterday with both of his "cancer doctors" and he had his MRI done and got marked up for radiation which he will start next Wednesday. He'll have seven weeks of radiation - five days a week. Hopefully that'll get over before we know it and he can get his health back some. He's so weak and sick feeling... and he can't take three steps without being out of breath. Bless his heart. Him and MeMaw will be moving in with my Mom and Pops during radiation so that they don't have to make a two-hour round trip every day of the week! Especially since my MeMaw doesn't drive and Granddaddy is too weak at this point! That's what is best for them.

Brandon's Papaw is also not doing well at all. They found out yesterday that the chemo he's taking isn't working anymore. And the cancer has spread to several other places. They are going to try radiation and the doctor told them there is another "new drug" that he could try if he can handle it... He has been suffering so bad lately and it kills me to see him that way. I don't want to see him in so much pain!

Like every other post - Please keep Garrett and our Grandpa's in your daily prayers - as well as Heath - and everyone else!!! There is so much going on - I think everybody needs to be livin' on a prayer!


Casey Scheer said...

Love the pictures from therapy!!! I will be praying for yall daily!

Andrea Neal said...

Thank you, Casey! You are so sweet!!! We are praying for you guys every single day as well. We are so proud of how far Heath has come. And how strong he is!!! Hope today was better than the last couple days. I know he's had a rough few days!!!

Amber said...

So excited for our little man!!!! YAY G!!! :0)
Love y'all!