Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All about Garrett!!

After much thinking, stressing, and concern... I finally got a lot of advice and information from several friends and family members and decided it was time to change pediatricians and have Garrett looked at and evaluated to help answer some of my questions and concerns. And boy are we so happy about the move to a new pediatrician!!! Dr. Sharye Atchison is such an angel!!!! We are so thankful for my cousin Kristina and friend Lynda for referring her to us. Thank ya'll SO MUCH! Garrett warmed up to her pretty nicely. I loved how she interacted with him and made him feel comfortable and made him smile... until she started looking at the "sweet potatoes" in his ears! Ever since he had those several ear infections, he FREAKS out about people getting near his ears... doctor, hairstylist, Mama, Daddy, or ANYBODY. He can't stand it. So he still freaked out when she was checking his ears out.. it took Dr. Sharye, my Mom and myself to hold him still enough for her to peak in his ears! And even then, he was screaming and crying.. I know he doesn't talk, but I'm pretty darn sure he was cussing me for bringing him to the doctor and letting her do that to him!! I always feel so guilty because his ears look so waxy, but we've always been told not to put a q-tip in there (even though he won't let anything/anyone near them anyways) - so they look bad! It's killing me.. I just want to get them cleaned out! Then maybe, just maybe he'll start talking! Ha. Anyways, after talking my concerns over about Garrett - she suggested that we see a Occupational and Speech Therapist for an evaluation of his cognitive (thinking) skills, comprehension skills, and coordination. Also for a hearing test and evaluation for his speech! I'll be calling in the morning to see how insurance covers and scheduling his evaluation. I'm that much closer to feeling better!!! Today has helped me a bunch - I feel comforted now knowing she doesn't think that he's autistic. She just thinks he needs some help with his speech and communication skills!!! He also got two shots today - flu shot and hepatitis-A shot. He was NOT a happy camper because he'd already missed his nap time.. and then fell asleep in his Meme's arms while the doctor and nurse stepped out.. just for them to wake him up and poke him twice with needles!!! He's doing pretty well tonight - in fact, after I gave him a bath he was just running around in his diaper and he ran up to me giggling.. when I looked down, he had taken his diaper off and was running around naked! This boy LOVES to be naked. We also attempted a haircut today after he had breakfast. Like last time, it didn't go too well! He freaked when she was getting close to his ears! But we got a nice bit cut and after I got him out of the bath tonight, I put him on his changing table with my phone and let him play with the "Talking Tom" app that he loves oh so much and I got it trimmed up around his ears! It looks so sweet now.

After scheduling the appointment yesterday for his appointment today, we decided to go spend the night with G's Meme and Pops. So after he woke up from his nap yesterday, I wanted to take him to the pumpkin patch close to their house. I knew this year would be much harder because he's RUNNING now..where as last year, he wasn't even walking yet.. so I could just sit him down and he'd sit still. Ha. Sometimes I miss those days - even though he's getting more and more fun!! Cousin Brittney and Macee (who is only one day younger than Garrett) met us at the pumpkin patch. Needless to say, I couldn't hardly catch two running babies in one picture - especially looking at me, but I did get two of them together that I think is just plain cute!!! Here are a couple pictures from yesterday (keep in mind that this was BEFORE his hair cut, LOL)!

I had no idea it was so windy outside until we got there! This is the only decent one of him on the bench - and completely unedited! I'm so tired I don't feel like playing with it right now! HAHA.

Where's Garrett?!?!

Garrett sitting in some punkins!

Macee girl! She's so cute - she loved the tiny pumpkins!

Garrett and Macee staring at each other and giggling!

And last but certainly NOT least - my favorite of the two of them! (I had to play with this one before posting it!)

Well - That's all for today folks! Hope you all had a fantastic Hump Day!!!


StaceyT said...

YAY!! Good pediatricians are the BEST!! So glad she was so good with him and was able to put some of your fears at ease! WOOHOO! I bet he starts talking up a storm SOON, especially with the extra help! Love all the pumpkin patch pictures too, I can't wait to take Lauren to one next week!

Chrystal said...

I'm so happy you got some good advice from a good pediatrician!! He is such a sweet, smart boy & I can't wait to hear what the specialists say! :) I hate that he had to get those shots though, poor thing.
The pictures, ofcourse, are great! He's growing up so fast!

Louisiana Girl said...

We use Ritch at Mid City but Paige has seen Dr. Atchinson many times and I love love love her. She is so sweet. And is a cancer survivor. I believe she had ovarian cancer and took just enough time off to do chemo and get well and then came back to work. Glad you feel comfortable at "our" Dr's office.