Friday, December 17, 2010

If you were wonderin' why you didn't get a Christmas Card...

I'm a FAITHFUL Christmas Card sender - and I send personalized ones now that we have a beautiful son to put on there AND because I've learned to design my own cards!!! And I LOVE doing it. It makes me feel like I'm an awesome wife and mom to be able to do such things!!! Hey, I'm starting to think that maybe I really AM crafty - cakes, invitations, photos (not so great yet), Christmas cards, wreaths, crocheting (learning and interested, anyways) - and I'm open to doing more stuff! It's been my zen.. keeping me sort-of-sane! Unfortunately, this year I didn't send out Christmas Cards... I PROMISE I was going to.. I ordered envelopes, I designed my card, I had them printed, picked them up, and then....realized I wasn't going to be able to send them. You'll notice why.

I guess I'd opened my mouth too soon about having another baby. I guess because everything went so well with Garrett, I thought it would be the same with the next pregnancy. Well, I'll tell ya... I learned my lesson and NOBODY will know next time until I make sure that everything is going to be okay. I'd ordered an ornament for our tree and everything. I will put the ornament and one of the 50 cards I paid to have printed in a keepsake container. It has driven me crazy that I didn't get more done, but honestly...I haven't been emotionally or physically able to take that part of the card off and go to Sams Club to have them printed again. But I wanted you to see the card that I DID make to send because I loved it.

While we are on that subject - at the same time I had the Christmas cards printed, I'd already designed Garrett's 2nd Birthday Party invitation too! Since they are so close together and I get my stuff printed at Sams since it's so much cheaper - I have done them at the same time for the past two years. I'm a big planner, I can't stand to wait until last minute for anything!!! And while I am so sad that my baby is already turning a big TWO I still LOVE to plan his party and of course design his own birthday invitation!!! I'm probably gonna be mad for spoiling the surprise for those who will get this invite, but I couldn't wait to share it. PLUS, I was a tad disappointed when I got the prints because they looked darker than it did on my computer screen - so it looks better on here anyways!!! We decided to do a Finding Nemo theme this year because that has been the "movie of the year" and Garrett absolutely LOVES that movie!! I've already got everything I need for the party - and can't wait to do his cake again. Here is his birthday invite (note the Disney font at the top - then the Nemo font! I was so stoked)

Today has been a better day for me - best day of the month, I'd have to say. I had four friends come to visit...and most friends live at least 45 minutes away and NEVER can come out here to see me. So having four in one day felt amazing and I finally had my friends here to talk to and catch up and it felt great. Not to mention one friend brought along a Polaris Ranger that my husband has been SO BADLY wanting - and deserving. He was seriously so happy, I don't know if he's EVER been that happy before in his life..not even on our wedding day! HAHA.. But there will be a story about that to come. It was after dark when we got it here. That didn't keep Brandon from hopping on and riding until he was so cold he HAD to come inside.. but I plan on taking some pictures tomorrow!!! Love you all!


StaceyT said...

His invitation turned out PERFECT! I LOVE the fonts you used! Wish we could come to his party :)

Jessica said...

Hope you had a great Christmas and are having a blessed new year!!

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Have a very blessed rest of the week!! :0)