Thursday, December 16, 2010

150 Random Facts About Me

After all that has been going on, I've been staying busy - making wreaths, organizing Garrett's 2nd Birthday Party, trying to find some time-consuming fun hobbies to do, spending a lot of time with Garrett, and so on... To keep my mind going and off of things, a few days ago I decided I'd make a list of 150 Random things about myself.. I thought at first that'd be simple to do, but it REALLY was hard!!! But then I got it finished faster than I thought I would after realizing how hard it was! Without further ado, here are 150 random facts... ENJOY!

1 I get annoyed when the "A" in my middle name isn't capitalized. It's DeAnn not Deann
2 Miscarriage/Ectopic Pregnancy is a really hard thing to go through. Losing a tube makes it double as hard.
3 One of my all time favorite movies is Son-in-Law. I know people think I'm dumb for that.
4 I've never ever had another love like I have for Garrett.
5 I can't stand chewing noises, jaw popping, smacking, etc. Makes me want to punch people in the face!
6 I was a real meany in high school. Like - real real mean.
7 I don't really have a favorite color, but I wear a lot of black.
8 I am a worry wart. I'm always stressing out about something.
9 I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. My parents and MeMaw and Granddaddy are some of my best friends.
10 I have 5 nieces and 1 step-niece. My brother is expecting another baby - I'd love a nephew.
11 I wish I had more self control.
12 My favorite number is 3! It's also my lucky number. I was born on the 3rd of April. My Grandparents were married on the 3rd of August 1961. I graduated in '03. I was married in the 3rd month on the 31st at 3:30.. And some other things that I shall not need to disclose here.
13 I love gerbera daises, calla lilies and tulips.
14 I want to decorate our house and redo a ton of stuff to make it feel more "homey" for us.
15 I met a friend from Vegas on Blogger when searching for a "Handy manny" cake idea earlier this year... And she has become one of my best friends. It's insane how much we are alike. I'm so thankful for her - and her precious daughter Lauren!
16 I'm extremely tenderhearted.
17 I've never been a fan of kissing. It is just sort of weird to me. By kissing, I mean "making out"
18 I've had a few pet squirrels.. All named "Pepper" and I want another.
19 I have horrible sleeping habits. I'm always thinking about stuff rather than going to sleep.
20 I love midgets.
21 I get words mixed up a lot. Example: I was in the McDonald's drive-thru and I said "I'd like a number two with fries to drink" or as I told Brandon "You can't eat and drive a taco late at night!!!"
22 My eyes are hazel with a little sunflower around my pupil. My eyeballs are really pretty in the sun.
23 I'm 5'4". Brandon is 6'4". A whole foot difference.
24 I have a real brother who is 27. A step sister who is 21. A half sister who is 15. A half brother who is 11.
25 I wear flip-flops most of the year - even like now in the winter.
26 I am addicted to Orange sodas... Like Sunkist!
27 I love my iPhone even though it messes up sometimes. I can't imagine going back to an old rinky-dink phone.
28 I want a laptop so bad! Just to sit in bed comfortably and blog or check Facebook or whatever!
29 I have horrible road rage. People don't know how to drive!!
30 I done a couple wreaths to try to keep my mind off of things while recovering from my surgery and tube removal... And now I'm addicted.
31 I don't take compliments well. But I try to - trying just doesn't usually work.
32 A lot of people say this type of thing to "fish for compliments" but since you now know I don't take compliments well... I can tell you - I never ever feel pretty. Never ever have.
33 I wish I was a millionaire. Cause it seems like I always want expensive stuff!
34 I don't really like living so far in the country but at the same time... I'm not so sure I want to move back to Haughton either though. I'm indecisive but it doesn't matter.. Brandon will never move.
35 I wish my house would be spotless and stay that way. I desire to have a super clean and organized house. I think if someone helped me get it all picked up and done, I could keep it that way.
36 Since I was in 7th grade - someone each and every year has passed away thats my age or at our school. Its continued even after high school. Random things - car accidents, drowning, shootings, sickness, cancer, etc.
37 I have these sharp pains that go through a couple of my fingers at times... My Momma has the same pains so we text each other when it's happening to see if we ever have the pains at the same time!
38 I am my Granddaddy's Princess, but Garrett and him are best buddies.. I have sorta been replaced but still hold my status as his Princess (I even have the keychain that he got me to prove it)
39 Speaking of which, I melt when I see Garrett and how excited he gets to see MeMaw and Granddaddy... And vise versa!
40 Did I mention that Garrett is named after his Great Granddaddy and MeMaw? Their last name is Garrett.
41 I used to wear a size 8.5 shoe... Now even 8's are nearly too big. Pretty sure my feet shrank when I was pregnant with Garrett.
42 I used to be a really big tomboy... When we wore uniforms in school I even made my Momma buy me the boy shorts because I hated the pleats! I'm still not really girly but I wear girl clothes now. Ha. Sometimes I like getting dressed up!
43 I am TERRIFIED of bugs... I don't care how small or if it bites or not... Keep them away from me.
44 I am also terrified of death.
45 And terrified of car accidents. When I drive down the road, for example, when a car is coming towards me.. I picture the accident happening in my head - like the car hitting me and me spinning and hitting the next car or something like that.
46 Anxiety kills me. I can't hardly sleep at night because my anxiety is so bad (not to mention me always thinking). Its been the worst since I had Garrett (so I haven't slept much in two years)
47 I really wish that Brandon was a vacationer - we never go anywhere or do anything. Ever. And probably never will. He is a homebody.
48 I don't like yellow gold. At all. Or gold anything. A lot of our house has gold accessories and I hate it. Can't wait to update the whole place.
49 My fourth toe on each foot is really fat at the top and then goes to really skinny... Just like my Granddaddy! :)
50 I have to shave my little toe hairs - please tell me I'm not the only girl that has to do that (at least I know my Momma does too)
51 I can't swim.
52 I love to cook new things. And especially love making desserts!
53 I used to be REALLY picky but I've started eating lots more - but still not a huge fan of a lot of meat... Or non-fresh veggies.
54 I have the best best friends I could ever ask for. I've been lucky but I still feel so disconnected from all of them all the time. My life is very different from most of theirs so it makes it hard.
55 I thought coming up with 150 random things about me would be a piece of cake but I am struggling now... And only am at 55! And it seems pretty boring so far so I'm happy if you are still reading.
56 I am so ready for Garrett to talk to me!!! (Don't say "When he starts talking you will wish he would shut up" because I don't feel that way and I know I won't... I've been waiting for way too long to hear him talk)
57 I love when Brandon makes me chocolate milk.. Oh and grilled cheeses.. Oh and fried eggs too.. And coffee.. Or anything! He's the best husband I could have ever had!
58 I am a stay-at-home Mommy which is 24/7/365 (sometimes 366) and it's the best job ever even though I don't have days off or vacation. I get paid in love rather than money! And I don't miss a thing Garrett may do!
59 I am really blunt. Sometimes too blunt for some people.
60 I talk and walk in my sleep! I used to sleep walk really bad but now its mostly talking.
61 I love photography and can't wait to learn more and more.
62 I can't go into a restaurant and eat alone. I don't like doing anything by myself.
63 I have two tattoos and want to at least get my children's names somewhere.
64 I'm a morning person... Night person too!
65 I've been a bride once and a bridesmaid five times so far.
66 I don't have a green thumb but I really want plants and flowers and stuff!
67 I have a million post-it's and note pads but I would love to have more. Can't have enough cute papers for reminders!
68 I am a thrifty buyer. I love good sales!
69 I am at my parents house spending the night. It's my Momma and Pops, Memaw and Granddaddy, Brandon, me, and Garrett all sleeping here tonight. I am laying here at 1:17 staring at my sleeping baby in his crib and wanting to cry. He's growing up way too fast.
70 When I dream something, it usually comes true within a few days or weeks. It's really scary at times.
71 Sometimes in the shower, I feel like I can't swallow so I'm
constantly spitting while I'm showering.
72 Before I had Garrett, I would always say "My child will NEVER eat junk food, act like that, etc" but I don't care if he wants Cheetos... He's getting cheetos!!! He's so picky.. I just want him to eat. And the attitude.. It's cute but bad. It's so hard to spank someone so dang cute!
73 When we were growing up, my brother Jeffrey and one of my best friends Jimmy (my brother from another mother) would call me "Zelda" because they said my ears were so big. But I don't know why they thought that because I found out a while back that my ears are abnormally small... iPod earphones don't even go into my ears without hurting me so bad!!! Now they just say that my head grew into my ears and now my head is big. Haha. Gotta love them.
74 I have always gotten along with boys and have more boy-friends than girlfriends.
75 I am friends with all of my exes except for one and thats not on me...I would love to get back in touch with him, but not all spouses are okay with their spouse being friends with exes. I like the fact that I can be friends with them and not have hate! All of my "serious relationship" boyfriends are married and have children and I couldn't be more happy for them all!
76 I wish there really was a fountain of youth so I didn't have to lose loved ones and we could all be happy and healthy together!
77 I would love to be an ultrasound tech IF I had to work - I love finding out the sex of a baby! And hearing heartbeats and seeing them!!
78 I thought after I had Garrett that I'd love love love another boy and was not wanting to have a girl - but after what all I've been through, I really really would love to have either one. I just want a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby!!
79 I don't like reading much. But I do love funny novels and stuff! If it captures my attention within the first couple pages.. I read it!
80 I HATE mopping the floor in the kitchen and am so thankful that my sweet husband will do it when it gets bad enough!
81 Minden Wal-Mart is my FAVORITE one... The one in Springhill SUCKS more than any of them.
82 My favorite fruit is probably kiwi but it has to be perfect ripeness! Not too ripe but not too early either!!! I like most fruit except for cantaloupes and honeydew melons!
83 Speaking of cantaloupes, once driving down the road with family, I started screaming with excitement "OH MY GOSH!!! Look at all of those cantaloupes in that field!! I had no idea cantaloupes could live here in Louisiana!!".. My husband looked at me and said "Antelopes. Not cantaloupes" - then they all laughed cause I didn't even know I'd said it wrong. I really am dumb - no playing dumb here! But it's comical to me.
84 I'm a night owl and can work off of a very short amount of sleep - thank goodness!
85 If it's not written down, I forget it.
86 My brain is like a goldfish - 3 second memory and then it's gone. I'll think of a fact, for example, and then I will scroll up to be sure I'm not double posting but as soon as I start scrolling to look, I forgot what the fact was! Gosh...
87 I wish I would have grown up in the 70's and 80's cause that music ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF!!! Or I wish Journey and all of those awesome bands were going on now rather than all these rap songs you can't understand and crap.
88 I have recently found out that I'm pretty talented in some areas. I'm pretty crafty!
89 I love to check the mail and I'm not really sure why.. it's usually only bills!!!
90 I wish I had thicker hair or knew how to style my super-thin, super-fine hair!!! It's awful and I'm never happy with it.
91 One of Brandon's best friends used to tell me that I had the PRETTIEST feet he had ever seen - I wonder if he still feels that way? Haha
92 I love to watch animated movies. Kid movies are awesome and I can't wait to take Garrett to movies!
93 I wouldn't change my job for the world but I do miss working in the dental field a lot!
94 I have my China cabinet packed with cake stuff rather than China. Sad, I know.
95 I love surprises but I hate them too.
96 My heart rate is always really really high. A lot of the time it's in the 130's but it has slowed down some.. It's been around 100 recently..
97 The first time I ever gave blood, I passed out and ever since then I haven't been able to because I get to anxious and my already high heartbeat is too high to give it!
98 I think paper-cuts hurt more than most other bo-bos!
99 I wish that Brandon could burp!!!! I know he'd feel so much better all the time if he could!
100 I probably tell Garrett at least 100 times a day that I love him and give him a minimum of 150 kisses a day... Seriously.
101 I love listening to my iPod while cleaning - it makes me clean better! I clean to the beat. I just wish the earphones didn't hurt my small ears!
102 I would almost rather always text rather than talk on the phone.
103 I am SO country, but don't really notice it until I hear myself recorded on an answering machine or video.
104 I can be crazy!
105 I used to HAVE to have socks on and my bra on when I went to bed - now I absolutely can NOT have socks on and can't wait to get my bra off!!
106 I really wish I could be motivated enough to get myself fit. I have a hard time because I get bored so quickly.
107 I can go almost the whole day and even a whole meal without taking a sip of water or anything. I barely drink fluids - I know, that's not good.
108 I love that my relationship is so open with my husband - I can't imagine holding in a burp or fart just because he's around.. Haha. My manners don't work that way.
109 I call chapstick, lipstick, and gloss "lip lip" - always have.
110 I also call my toenails my "toetails"
111 When I was in school I called my backpack my "packpack" - Yes, even as a senior.
112 I only like Pepperoni pizza with mushrooms. I don't like supreme or sausage or anything like that!
113 When I was pregnant with Garrett, I could NOT eat any meat. Yuck! Even though I mostly ate junk food, I only gained 20 pounds my whole pregnancy!
114 I LOVE LOVE LOVE wrapping presents!
115 I hate shaving. My husband is nice enough to wax my armpits!
116 I love the Pioneer Woman and am dying to be chosen for a weekend getaway to her house!!!!
117 I used to HATE watching movies but now I LOVE it.
118 I don't like fictional stuff.. Like Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.
119 It's not fun when people ask me about my pregnancy and all of that because they don't know what happened... No one will know I'm pregnant next time for many weeks just so I don't have to go through this next time.
120 I have a dirty mouth.
121 I miss having cake class! Loved having fun with my instructor and mostly one of my great friends, Angie, in class! So blessed to have met her too!!
122 The absolute BEST trip I've ever been on before was to float the Guadalupe River in 2004 with a bunch of friends. I think there was about 17 of us and only four of us were girls so it was drama free and amazing! Nothing like camping, meeting lots of people, drinking at 5am (haha), and floating the river - fantastic time!!! The long road trip was even a blast. I miss those folks!!!!
123 I bought a crochet learning kit on December 16, 2010 and am wanting to pick that up to do too! I've learned two stitches tonight - its definitely hard and I'll need some work! Ha.
124 I have VERY keen smelling - for example, if Garrett poops in his crib.. I can smell it sitting in my living room or at my computer table.
125 I want liposuction in my hips so that I don't look like an oompa loompa.
126 I know I mentioned this on a previous post, but you could have missed it - I always spell it "sandwhich" and go back and take the first "h" out that doesn't belong now that I've been corrected. I'm so used to typing it sandwhich that I can't ever think about it before I type it! HA
127 Looking back at old pictures makes me smile so big - and makes me think that I need MORE pictures!!!
128 After a conversation sometimes - I think of AWESOME comebacks and think "CRAP! That woulda been so good!" HAHA.. My brain just doesn't think fast enough.
129 My laugh is so loud and obnoxious - the type that will shut the bar up. HA. It's embarrassing but funny at the same time!
130 I always feel like I'm SO BUSY during the day and always doing something, but you can't ever tell that I did anything - the house still looks like crap! WHY WHY WHY!
131 I'm the type of person that you either love or you hate me. No in-between.
132 I've only lived in two states my entire life - Arkansas for 3 years and Louisiana the other years!
133 I've never been further West than San Antonio, Texas... I've never been further north than Tennessee... and I've been pretty much to all the lower states to the west... I've not seen much of the country, unfortunately. However, I really don't care to go up North anyways...
134 I think Matthew McConaughey is so sexy - his body, his hair, his voice, his hands, his eyes, his butt, his everything... I'd absolutely pass out if I saw him. Don't worry, my husband knows how I feel about him... He always hollers "Your man is on TV!!" when he's on.. My heart races.. MM MMM MMMM.
135 I know he's old, but I do think George Straight is sexy too .. not AS sexy as Matthew, but still!
136 I like to get on Craiglist and read the "Personals" like Missing Connections, Seeking, Rants and Raves, etc. because people CRACK ME UP!
137 And now I'm enjoying searching for other peoples random facts - the first one that I pulled up **close your eyes older people** - the man posted on one of his facts that he is 6" fully extended... I'm sorry but I would NOT be posting that if I were him. BAHAHA. Even posted that he slept with a married woman after his divorce. Wouldn't post that either, there buddy.
138 I can and do keep secrets.
139 I can lose things SO EASILY because I can't ever remember where I put them or had them last.
140 I actually love doing laundry - unless I'm BEHIND on it or it piles up a little after they come out of the dryer.. but if I stay on top of it, I love doing it!
141 I LOVE LOVE LOVE my elderly people. They make me smile!!! And anytime I see one in a store or something, I always smile at them and help any of them if they need it!!! I can't tell you how many oranges or apples I've picked up off the floor before!
142 I wish I could remember more of my childhood... My brother, Jeffrey, remembers EVERYTHING. He's always like "Do you remember when we were 1 and..." HAHA.. I'm so happy he can tell me all about it because I sure can't remember anything. Very few things, anyways.
143 I used to love roller coasters when I was younger, but can't do it now... I'm terrified. Too many accidents, too many scary stuff, and I'm not a huge fan of going fast and loopy and all that either..
144 I don't wear watches because I think they look weird on me, but lately I've been wanting a white watch for some reason. I have no idea why I want a white one.. I don't even wear white.
145 I'm a junk food junkie! I'm surprised I'm not bigger than I already am.
146 I'm a belly sleeper - LOVE LOVE LOVE to sleep on my belly - it angers me when I can't!
147 I don't wear lipstick - mostly chapstick or glosses are my lip lips.
148 I HATE sleeveless shirts or spaghetti strap shirts...
149 With my short body, tiny waist, big booty, big thighs - the ONLY jeans I fit well into are jean from The Buckle - Mostly BKE - but that sucks sometimes because they are $100+!
150 I can't believe I actually came up with 150 things - and I'm so ready to go to bed, but it's after midnight and my little man is in his crib laughing and playing!!!!

Hope you enjoyed!


StaceyT said...

LOVED reading this!! I think we have even more in common now after I read this, so many of them made me think "me too!!" lol! Soooo sweet of you to mention me and Lauren! I think the exact same of you!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the post! How are we in the same family and you don't know i love to organize things!!!! Call me I will come organize your house!!! hahah! Just ask mom and sara! Hope yall have a Merry Christmas! Love yall!