Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bitter Betty

This post will pretty much be short and "sweet" because I'm tired AND I want to catch up on a couple shows before bed. AND because I don't want to be such a Bitter Betty too much.

One thing that I'd like for you to know is that CANCER SUCKS. I'm so sick of it. I'm not going into it again tonight, but my entire family needs your prayers. Cancer is all around me.. I'm just ready for GOOD NEWS... POSITIVE NEWS.. I want to be HAPPY again, not sad and stressed all the time.

On the better side, Garrett's therapy went well this week! It was a REALLY early appointment and he wasn't too happy about being woke up... so he wasn't totally up to par this time, but he did put a coin in the piggy bank, which he hasn't been able to do before. I was so happy that I got tears in my eyes. We were excited to have Brandon come with us this week and meet the therapists.

HEATH IS COMING HOME FRIDAY!!! WAHOO! Hope it's not raining so we can go to the parade for his WELCOME HOME!

Christmas has officially began at our house. My Christmas tree went up yesterday and it's looking good! I even have three wrapped presents under the tree so far and ordered quite a few more gifts tonight. Gotta love that online shopping. There WOULD have been four presents under the tree, but my present came in today while I was getting my hair "did" and Brandon wrapped it and put it under the tree... but I KNEW what it was and decided I could go ahead and have it. He loves me and spoils me enough so I got my way! It's something I wanted for the holidays anyways - a better camera lens! It's a really nice portrait lens and I can't wait to get some nice pictures of Garrett and family and friends!! I went outside for a bit today and played around and took a few pictures, but don't feel like waiting on the upload on here tonight - I think all three of my readers are on Facebook anyways! HAHA..

Click on this link to order Scentsy Wickless Candles today! Makes great gifts for Christmas!!

I'm out of here. Sorry for the short post!

Bitter Betty


amanda said...

Andrea, you are so amazing. I will pray for you. I am so sorry about the cancer in your family. Garrett is so lucky to have you as his mom! I am excited that his therapy is going well. I love your tree, and I am so excited to get mine up. I had to order a new one this year and so I am going to put it all up this weekend. I feel the same way you do about leaving the tree up longer! Anyway, I enjoy your blog and I wish you a fantastic Wednesday! Again, you are a wonderful mom to a wonderful little boy!

Anonymous said...

ok bitter betty sounds to me that you need a drink! hahaha~! Im glad to hear Garrett is doing good in therapy. Everything will get better around you it will just take time...Love yall and love your blog!
Courtney Goodwin

Louisiana Girl said...

Dear Bitter Betty,
You are right Cancer does suck. I'm praying for y'all.
On the flip side, it will get better and I know you can handle it. And b/c you are so stinkin' spoiled I have to say that I'm just a little jealous that you have my new lens.
So glad Garrett's therapy is going good. Love ya!!
Love, Crazy Connie
(you know it's me April - right?)

Andrea Neal said...

Thank you for your kind words, April!!! I know it will eventually! We have so many things to look forward to!!! Don't be jealous of my lens - it's all in the person behind it and I'm still sucky! Anytime you want to use it, let me know!! I share! :)

Finally about to post a blog about the last couple of weeks. It's been a wild time! Love you!!!