Saturday, December 18, 2010

Like a kid in the candy store...

I'll tell you one thing that I love about living in the country - We can ride our four-wheelers up and down the road and nobody gives a mess. We also live on our hunting lease so Brandon doesn't ever have to leave me for a weekend or week like he used to when we lived in Arkansas and Shreveport so that he could come hunting. We have a lot of land on that we can ride four-wheelers on. Garrett was put on a four-wheeler just as early as I was (except I was put on a three-wheeler) around six months or earlier. That boy LOVES to ride! Especially a four-wheeler. If we let him out of the back door, he runs straight to the four-wheeler. He throws a fit when his Daddy turns the four-wheeler off and brings him inside. When we ride, Garrett is grinning the entire time and will sometimes let out a sound of excitement. He thinks he's a big boy and doesn't want us holding our hands on his chest or anything to give him support.. he wants to sit up there like a big boy. He'd ride ALL DAY LONG if we would let him. We even got him his own battery powered four-wheeler for him in the house, but since he's been old enough to realize.. that battery one just ain't enough power for that baby.. He wants on the BIG one and he wants to go FAST! He has learned to push the button on the battery one though and will ride it a tad, but not near as much as he likes to ride the REAL DEAL. Brandon is 6'4" and our son is already over 35" tall himself. Riding the four-wheeler has been pretty crammed for a while now... when Brandon turns the handles to turn, it sometimes hit Garrett's little legs. For the past few months, Brandon has ONLY been talking about how much he'd LOVE a Ranger for us to all ride together with comfort! Every single conversation would somehow get turned into him wanting a Ranger. We stopped at a ATV place in Haughton and he drove one and I KNEW from that point on, he wouldn't be quiet about it until he got one! He smiled forever after test driving one. Unfortunately, it would be like $450 a month for it for 5 years and that just wasn't something we could do right now. And it killed me to know he wouldn't get one anytime soon. One of our best friends, Jimmy, had barely used his and moved into the town of Haughton and can't use it there so to free up some money, he called me on the afternoon that Popaw had passed away and asked if Brandon was still interested in getting a ranger... and I was like "OH YES!" so we started talking and seeing about loans and everything - it's the best deal we would have EVER gotten on a Ranger and I can't thank Jimmy enough for giving us first dibs on it because he knew how bad Brandon wanted one. We signed the papers for the loan on Friday and I was talking to Jimmy about how I could possibly get him to bring it up here to surprise Brandon. But Jimmy and Brandon work almost the same exact hours so he couldn't bring it during the week while Brandon was working. Brandon KNEW we were getting the ranger, but I wanted to surprise him with it sooner than he was thinking. So I tricked Brandon and told him that Jimmy couldn't bring last night because he had a Christmas party to go to with his girlfriend, LeAnne, and he was like "Awe man..." and I told him that Jimmy had said he could POSSIBLY bring it on Saturday and would let me know. Brandon came home from work and was laying on the couch watching TV and LeAnne was sending me updates about where they were and stuff. She sent me a text to say they were pulling in and when I heard the car doors shut, I said "Baby.. I think somebody is here.. I'm scared" (I always get scared - so it's a good reason for him to open the door) and he said "Who in the world would be coming here this time of night!??!" and I said "Uhh.. It's ONLY 6:20!" HAHA.. So the doorbell rings and Brandon turns on our porch light and is staring through the glass and through the center of my wreath and he said "Is that Jimmy??" and I said "Well open the dang door.. you're making him freeze!" so they hug and Brandon just looked sort of puzzled (but later revealed that he was just in so much shock that Jimmy was at the front door because once he saw him, he just KNEW that he'd brought him the ranger) I said "Jimmy came bearing you a large gift" and he said "REALLY?!! LETS GO!" it was really really cold and Brandon was only wearing a cotton t-shirt and LSU shorts.. no socks, no shoes, but he didn't want to wait.. he was headed out to see his new toy. I have never ever, never ever seen my husband so excited about something. It felt so good for him to get something that he's really wanted, but mostly something that he's really DESERVED. Him and Jimmy took it for a spin and then after Jimmy and LeAnne left, he rode it at least three more times (once including Garrett and me). Since it was pitch black, I didn't get but one picture of Garrett and his Daddy getting ready for our COLD family ride with my cell phone:

Brandon does so much for Garrett and I so I really wanted and needed him to have it! I get to stay at home and raise our son and take care of everything around here instead of working my life away while someone else takes care of our baby and raises him basically. I can't ever repay how thankful I am for that. Times have been hard for us, but the great thing about his new job is that he can work overtime anytime he needs it and gets paid much better anyways! So if he ever needs extra, he will work extra to make whatever we need. And he's such an amazing Daddy and husband!! I'm so happy that he's so excited about something!! I'm also excited about it!! It's fun riding with my boys!

Ready to ride!

Driving Daddy! One of my favorite pictures! Father and Son bonding time! :)

Smiling BIG while riding!

Another one of my favorites for today! He wanted to drive HIMSELF!!! He was so excited.

Now for some fun things that Brandon has said since he got the ranger last night:
  • "My face hurts from smiling so much!"
  • "It is so much more than what I was expecting - I am so in love with it!"
  • "It's beautiful!!!"
  • "I have never in my life been so excited about a present."
  • "I'm ready to go to sleep so I can wake up and it'll be daylight so I can ride my ranger."
  • "I can't wait for me, you, and Garrett to go on the Ranger and ride all day!"
  • "I'll probably hunt out of the ranger cause I like sitting in it."
  • "Would you like for me to back it out of the shed so you can take a picture of it?" (it was pitch black outside)
  • "I really don't think I've ever been this excited in my whole life... not even on our wedding day!" Thanks honey!!! He did tell me that he was just picking afterwards, but it was funny (I really think he was more excited about the ranger than he was on our wedding day though!) HA.
  • When I asked him where he was going to park it, he said "Where that aluminum boat is" and I said "You'd better move that boat soon though so the spot will be ready" and he said "I will move the boat - WITH MY RANGER!"
  • "The 'new feeling' will not wear off for at LEAST two years or more"
  • When I finally told him he needed to put it up for the night and come inside, he laid his head on the back of it, as if he were hugging it! No lie!
  • This morning when I got up he said "I was like a kid on Christmas morning.. I had to MAKE myself stay in bed until the sun came up so I could get up and get on the ranger! I was up before 7 and was disappointed it was still too early!"
  • I made my mother-in-law a wreath and Brandon said "Let's take it to her on the ranger!" LOL - so I was loading up and he said "You are getting glitter all in my ranger!!!!" and I said "Well, as much as you ride it.. the glitter will blow out!!!"
You get the gist of it... He's beyond stoked and delighted! And obsessed! And I'm so happy!!! I just hope after SOME begging at times, he'll come inside and spend some time with us! HAHA. So happy he finally got his ranger!!!!

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StaceyT said...

That's so awesome that he finally got one! Sounds like he is SUPER happy!!