Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a day...

Wow. Chemotherapy is not a fun process. After messing with my blog and not going to bed until after 2am and having to get up at 5:45am for an allllll day affair, I'm exhausted. My butt is numb and I can't quit yawning. Sitting in a little thin cushioned chair from 8:45am- almost 3pm is NOT easy. But at the same time, I'm thankful that I can be here to help my Grandparents drive to Shreveport to the cancer center and tend to them as much as needed. Which brings me to giving props to all you hard working, full-time Mama's!! I have NO CLUE how you are away from your babies all day. I'm so lucky to be a stay-at-home Mama. I've missed him soooooooo much all day - he was all I was thinking about mostly and I get home at 3:30 so excited to see him and guess what?? He's NAPPING!!! I am so ready for him to wake up and let me love on him. I know some women aren't cut out to stay at home with their children, but I think I was MEANT to be home!! And I'm extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to do this.

For ANY new followers I may (or probably won't) get... I am a Scentsy Consultant and would love to be your sales rep! Here is the link to my website where you can order and have it shipped directly to your front door!!!

I hope you all have had a wonderful Tuesday - I have a million things I am thinking about and would like to talk about, but I'm too tired to sit here anymore!! AND I'm about to go wake my baby boy up!!!

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Amber said...

Love the new look! Love u!