Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catching up on the past...almost YEAR!

Wow! It doesn't seem like it's been a YEAR ago since I last posted!!! I've been so busy with my little man and so many other things that it doesn't feel like it's been this long. I really don't even know where to begin... and how to make this post NOT be like reading an entire book! But I need to catch up and keep up with this blog..even though I'm sure no one is reading it. Anyways, I was looking into cakes and such and came across a blog of a stranger and she blogged such wonderful things and projects with her little girl that it inspired me to get back into this!!! I hope I can stick to it.

Let's start with the light of my life - Garrett! He is already one! That was the fastest year of my life and I wish time would slow down a bit. The first year of his life has been the BEST year of my life. He brings me so much joy and laughter. He certainly is a character!! He's sweet, silly, outgoing, loving... every good word in the dictionary..he is IT! He hasn't started walking yet, but it won't be long. He'll take a few steps and then fall. He STILL hasn't said "Momma"... matter of a fact, he's really only said "Dada" and "Uh oh" and Brandon seems to think that's because he doesn't "need" to because I'm always giving him everything he needs so he doesn't need to ask or tell us anything. HA.. He's got quite a few teeth and more coming in.. I LOVED his toothless smile and couldn't imagine him with teeth, but now I can't remember what he looked like without those beautiful pearly whites! We had his birthday party on January 9th. A few weeks before, I got interested in making homemade cakes and went out on a whim and thought that I'd be able to make a cute cake for his birthday! Shortly into it, I realized I was CRAZY for thinking it'd be so easy, but it turned out great!!! Tasty and cute! I got so many compliments on how delicious and cute it was and a lot of people couldn't believe that I made it!

Brandon and I sang "Happy Birthday" to him at his exact birth time of 10:58am! This is the smile we got..
This is one picture of him while he was eating his FIRST cake on his actual birthday on January 5th! He kept bending down and biting into it! It was so precious!

Here is a picture of the cake I made! The cake topper, I ordered off of Etsy.. I wish I could claim it all, but I only did the edible part!!!
Here is a couple pictures of Garrett eating his cake for his birthday party!

What else has been going on??? Hmmm... I hate to turn this from pride into sadness, but it's heavy on my mind...Well, as some of you may or may not know.. since the 7th grade, I have lost a friend EVERY SINGLE YEAR to random things.. car wrecks, shootings, meningitis, drowning, freak accidents, and most recently cancer. If you do the math.. that's at least 12 people that I know that have passed away since 7th grade at young ages, but unfortunately... some years it's been more than one person. All of these people weren't my "best friends" but a lot of them were close and we went to school together, hung out together and things like that! But it hits hard when people all around you are passing away just suddenly! It makes you really wonder and question things!!! Just when you think "It's a new year..perhaps we'll get past this year without losing one!!" but just on January 4th, a friend, Richard, lost his life to brain cancer at the young age of 23. He fought the battle in such an inspiring way.. he never quit living his life to the fullest while he fought the cancer! He was such a hoot and fun to be around!! Always the life of the party. He's in a much better place now, but it weighs heavy for people to think "Oh, I'm too young for cancer" or men to think "I can't get breast cancer..only women do".. I also know a guy who is a breast cancer survivor! I just wish men would realize that they too need to do exams on themselves.. and people don't need to think that they are too young to have cancer or a deathly sickness! So...spread the word people!!! Check yourselves! If you think that something is wrong with you or you're not feeling "right"..go to the doctor!!! On that note, Dr. Andrea is done talking about the sadness and the lectures on checking yourselves for now, I just wish people would be more aware!!!

Here is a picture of me and Richard (or Dick, as we called him) in December 2005! I've seen him several times since then but just never got a picture!

Let's see... I think about the only thing I am leaving out (that I can think of, but my brain is horrible these days) is the fact that I am IN LOVE with photography and I am trying to learn a bunch about it!!! My amazingly sweet husband got me a Nikon D90 and I LOVE IT! I can't wait for it to warm up and I can go all over the place taking pictures!! Here are just a few that I've taken!!

I love this picture! This is a replicate of a photo that my Granddaddy and I took on his three wheeler 24 years ago!!!! I will have to get it and scan it to show everyone.. the MOP and everything is the same! Garrett and his Great Granddaddy (who he is named after) are BEST BUDDIES!

My friends, Chrystal and Nick's son, Aaronlane!

This is a picture of my fourth niece that I took!

Which also reminds me a big part of what has been going on.. All four of my nieces are from my husbands sisters! But I'm even MORE EXCITED that my brother is going to make me a "REAL BLOOD" Aunt come June 13th!!! He just found out on Monday that it's a GIRL.. so I'll have FIVE NIECES and no nephews! I was a bit bummed, but he's so excited and I'll be happy as long as she's healthy!! I was just hoping for a little man for my little guy to play with instead of all these screaming and loud GIRLS!

Well, this catches me up somewhat.. I would be sitting here for a couple days if I could to put everything down, but as I stated.. I'm sure no one is even reading this, but it feels like I've been talking to someone! I better get off of here and do some house cleaning before my man thinks I didn't do anything around the house while he was at work! Thanks for reading!

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StaceyT said...

I'm reading it! Your little boy is adorable and you did such a good job on the cake! I love the bright colors! I look forward to reading more of your blog, I really want to get into photography too but can never find the time!