Friday, January 22, 2010

1 year shots are the WORST!!!!

We had to take Garrett for his first year shots today - which I was DREADING!!! But I began to dread it even more when Angela, my cousin who gives Garrett's shots to him, told me that it was FIVE shots!!! He's done fairly well with it until today.. He fell asleep when we were on the way to the office and we kept him asleep.. and just prayed that he'd stay asleep through it all (which we knew wasn't very likely, but hey.. it's worth hoping for!) The first poke, he woke up SCREAMING and scared... it broke my heart, but having to sit there and his scream after each poke was horrible. I got teary eyed! It was the worst time yet... What made it even harder was him reaching up for his Daddy and grabbing his shoulders like "Please Daddy!! HOLD ME!!" Oh man.. it broke both of our hearts!!! The good news is that other that his HepA vaccine or any other sickness vaccines, he's DONE until he's four!!! I'm sooooooo thankful for that!!!

Anyways - Here are a couple snapshots I took of him last night... He was fussy, but you can ALWAYS bribe him with a bath... Baths make my baby HAPPY!!!!!
Watching me poke my tongue out... that makes him smile too!
See, I told you bath time makes him happy!!!

Oh how I love these fat feet!!!!!!

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StaceyT said...

Awww I totally agree, shots really are the worst! I would dread Lauren's appointments for weeks and I was REALLY dreading the one year shots!

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