Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birth Announcement

After Garrett was born, of course we wanted to send out Birth Announcements. Yes, we'd put it in the Springhill Press, but..that's not "good enough" for me! I wanted something with color and something really special to keep! After MUCH research and trying to decide.. We went with Purple Stork online. They have very unique announcements and will customize it until you LOVE it (which doesn't take much). You send in multiple pictures and they put the announcement together for you..Brandon and I liked two different pictures for the "main picture" so we had to decide between the two below... and we went with the second one, which is what I had picked out!!! I got an e-mail from Purple Stork asking for my permission to post Garrett's announcment on their blog because it was one of their favorites!! They even e-mailed me when I submitted them and told them how precious our baby is and they can't believe the smile on his face in the picture at the bottom!! It makes me feel so good to know that other people think my baby is so precious and amazing too! I just wanted to HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Purple Stork for birth announcements because they are so personable and sweet..and do amazing work!!

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