Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow, Beautiful Weather, and Sharing!

The weather for the past two days has been so BEAUTIFUL! But of course that has to turn around with cold and rain again for a bit.. I'm so ready for Spring and Summer!!! I think since Garrett has just started walking and everything..this Spring and Summer will be filled with lots of fun. I took him outside yesterday for the first time since our snow day and for the first time since he's really been walking good. He's always been strange about the textures of thing and grass has never been a favorite for him. Unfortunately, it's still the same way... He just stood really still and whined until I made the silly owl noise that my father-in-law makes to make him smile. Then when he fell down, he really wasn't happy. He touched the grass for a minute, but wasn't too pleased with it. For a little boy who LOVES to go outside and will cry for it at the door..I'm shocked at how he doesn't like to be put down. Hopefully he'll pass all that up and get to liking it. Brandon said he'll probably just take him outside soon and roll in the grass with him.. Can't wait to see how that turns out! I just love watching Garrett walk.. it's so precious!!! But boy is he EVERYWHERE!!!

Snow Day - February 12, 2010

Not sure why I didn't Photoshop this one! It needs to be way brighter!
This was the first day of when the snow had just started... but I thought this fence post was pretty cool!

Chuck-E-Cheese - February 16, 2010

Outside playing - February 20, 2010 (isn't it amazing how we get inches of snow one day and then 8 days later it's in the 60's and beautiful outside?? Good ole Louisiana!)Fell down onto the grass... "I don't like it anymore!!!!" Game over.

I wanted to share this blog that I came across and am now caught in it. It's an amazingly sweet story and it's so touching. This is the story that captured me and I've went back over the past couple of days and read a LOT of her stuff.. I'm finding a few strangers blogs that I've totally been swept away by and I'm so excited!!! It's strange how reading and seeing blogs makes you feel like you've made a new friend. Any recommendations of blogs are welcome!!! I'm loving this! Here is the link to the blog that has captured me this week:

Kelle is also an amazing photographer and has a blog and website for her pictures too!! Truly an inspirational story and a magnificent woman.

Brandon and I have finally had a serious conversation about changes that need to take place and things that could help improve our relationship. The job that he's at now and has been at for five years since he got his degree... it's an hour from home. He doesn't get the pay he deserves and needs. Our insurance is horrible. The list goes on and on. Brandon has always been the type of man who gets in routine and doesn't like change much. But I finally told him that I'm not happy with his job and we need to do something different because this job just isn't cutting it.. Shift work sucks. Especially when you have to do 3's and 2's and switch back and forth to nights and days each time... It's hard. Not only hard for him to turn around in his 1 1/2 days off.. but it's hard for me. It's hard for Garrett. I want a better schedule. If Brandon is on days, he gets off at about 5pm... takes an hour to get home.. showers, eats supper and literally is off to bed. Then 3am comes and he's gone again.. I hate it. Not to mention the $300-400 alone in gasoline that he spends going back and forth to work each month. Anyways, after I finally laid it out there for him, he realized that he does need to look for a better opportunity. And his resume has been sent to an awesome company and we're keeping our fingers crossed so please keep us in your prayers. The job would be in Shreveport, which IS still an hour away from us, but the company gives you a company truck AND pays all gas.. plus better pay, better benefits... alllllll WAY WAY better. And eventually, I'm sure Brandon would warm up to the idea of taking me back to my stomping grounds of good ole Haughton. I'm excited for what the future holds for us!!! I'm so ready for change.

It took me FOREVER to load all of these pictures onto here... I'm just clicking the picture in the create new post and uploading them that way... if you know of a faster way to do it, please let me know!


StaceyT said...

I love the snow pictures! The first pic of him in the blue is my fav! What a doll! I would really love to get into photography or at least actually learn to use my camera lol!
I really enjoyed the blog you posted too, there are so many good ones out there! I follow the two that are posted on my sidebar but other than that don't know of any others. I would love to find some too, I always get impatient waiting for my friends to update their blogs lol!
Fingers crossed for your husband's job!!! Sounds like it would be SO much better!

StaceyT said...

I THINK I just added you on facebook but just in case I'll write a comment back here too :) I have a Canon Rebel Xti that my husband bought me right before Lauren was born but I've never learned how to use it. We really want to upgrade to the Canon 50d (I think thats what its called)! What do you have? How did you learn??
p.s. I am so addicted to the blog you posted, she is such a good writer and photographer!